Disrupting Social Networks with a Social Network that Pays and Lets You Enjoy It

For a novice investor, socially responsible investment (SRI) may not be an immediate factor to consider, but the more seasoned investors will be quick to recognize the value in such a proposition. However, the definition and more importantly the perception of what should be viewed as socially responsible investment has changed somewhat. In the early 1960s, investors increasingly sought to address equality for women, civil rights, and labor issues. While since late 1990s, SRI was seen as something that is related to promotion of environmentally sustainable development. More recently, this has morphed into investors addressing the rights of indigenous peoples around the world who are affected by the business practices of various companies.

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Despite last year being the breakthrough period for ICOs, investing in crypto projects is still very much in its infancy. The mainstream media might be covering the big headlines but the majority of what is going on is still limited to a select number of publications. The companies that have either raised the funds via ICO style campaigns or are due to do so in the coming year have shown very little appetite to follow the trend of SRI. Given the risky nature of the business, together with a very technologically driven product, as opposed to tangible assets such as factories, it is not surprising that this particular aspect of investment principle has been somewhat neglected. That has changed now and CinemaWell.com is about to change that and lead the way by encouraging other Blockchain based projects to adopt SRI policy. For CinemaWell.com, part of the prospect will be targeted to help IT Academy for Orphans, Hebron. “CinemaWell.com” chose to be technically developed and supported by HebronSoft, a social enterprise.

Apart from being socially responsible, CinemaWell.com is a great cinema platform that rewards both budding filmmakers and viewers alike. By implementing Blockchain technology, the company was able to create a reward system that benefits viewers by not only providing them with the latest films, but also with an opportunity to get paid for screening and reviewing a film with ApplauseCash (APLC) tokens. At the same time, filmmakers will be able to sell tickets to their premiers, set prices and schedules, as well as have access to analytics to get an insight and feedback from the viewing audience.

While the majority of companies exploring the possibility of funding using ICO style campaigns do not even have a minimum viable product (MVP) to show to potential token holders, the team behind CinemaWell.com has a working product already available and the new platform is expected to be ready for launch in late April.

The company was initially launched in 2014 as an Internet Video Co-Viewing (IVCV) platform, with a view of attracting up and coming filmmakers and producers to break the ranks and gain credibility. Now, CinemaWell.com’s ICO is very much in 5th gear and the company was able to meet its soft cap target in the first hour of pre-sale! The company has released 300,000,000 (300 million, 100%) ApplauseCash (APLC) tokens and no additional tokens will be release in the future.