Digital Catapult Pitch-off Features Blockchain Startups

Although a lot of people are looking at the ongoing battle between Bitcoin and Ethereum, the underpinning technology remains an important factor as well. Some of the most prominent companies focusing on this technology are BitNation, Blockverify, and All of these companies are holding a pitch-off in London, England at the end of April. Among the panel of judges is Visa Europe Collab, and it will be interesting to hear their views on what these companies are bringing to the table.

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Digital Catapult Event In London

TheMerkle_Elevator Pitch Blockchain Digital Catapult

It is positive to see blockchain companies getting a bit of attention during a dedicated pitch-off taking place in the financial capital of the world. Similar to how must project pitches work, participants will have a brief span of time to present their project in front of a panel of judges.

Among these judges are tech entrepreneurs, investors, and accelerators. Such a mixed representation is integral to highlighting all elements of the pitches as they are being presented. After all, part of a successful pitch is able to answer any and all questions the judges may have.

Rest assured there will be some interesting questions as the judges panel includes Visa Europe Collab, Tech London Advocates, Digital Catapult, and Wayra Open Future. Most of these industries will be well aware of what blockchain technology is capable of in the financial world, although the concept has far more use cases outside of the realm of finance as well.

With three blockchain startups pitching at the Digital Catapult event, distributed ledger technology is represented quite well. All three projects offer something different, as BitNation, BlockVerify, and are all using the blockchain to tackle an entirely different problem, and offer a wide variety of services.

At the time of publication, there was no indication as to whether or not the pitch=off winner would be awarded a prize or funding, although a Digital Catapult representative has mentioned how there will be some incentive. As this event is aimed to attract investors, there will be plenty of money itching in the pockets,  and additional funding might be in the future.

Source: IB Times

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