Diginomics Launches Ethereum Developers Course

Diginomics, founded by political economist and digital currency advocate Travis Patron, has announced a new course aimed at entrepreneurs looking to develop smart contract applications on the Ethereum blockchain. Patron is best known for The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet of Money, a 127-page manuscript detailing the intricacies of Bitcoin and its implications on monetary policy and the global economic order.

The 6-week Ethereum Programming Course features three separate modules: Ethereum Basics, Economics & Fundamentals, Programming Tutorials. While the course page states that no prior programming knowledge is necessary, basic knowledge of JavaScript is recommended.

Patron will be leading the course with video and coding tutorials. Every participant will have to undergo a final examination at the end of the course, where a “certificate of completion” will be recorded into the Ethereum blockchain.

“This mathematical proof is nearly impossible to forge and serves as evidence of your cryptocurrency industry acumen.”

In the press release, Patron says the Ethereum ecosystem and its underlying technology is still “in the early stages” but also states that smart contracts will transform the e-commerce industry.

Patron explains:

“I’m confident that smart contracting systems are the next frontier of internet-enabled commerce. We’re very excited to offer the first fully-featured course on this technology.”

Enrolment for the Ethereum course costs $299 and every participant also receives a free copy of the 127-page Bitcoin manuscript.


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