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Digibyte Price Attemps to Break the $0.01 Resistance

When it comes to looking at all of the different cryptocurrency markets, it is often difficult to make sense of these different trends. Whereas most altcoins, tokens, and digital assets heavily rely on Bitcoin’s momentum first and foremost, it seems some projects continue to do their own thing. As far as the Digibyte price is concerned, it seems the momentum is slowly turning a bit more bullish. The push to $0.01 is in full effect right now, but there is plenty of market resistance along the way.

Digibyte Price Keeps Moving up

Although many people tend to overlook Digibyte among all other cryptocurrencies right now, it is still a project well worth keeping an eye on at any given time. While it doesn’t necessarily hinge on Bitcoin’s price momentum all that long, it quickly becomes evident the underpinning infrastructure of this altcoin is getting many traders excited. That is part of the reason why this altcoin is pushing toward the $0.01 level once again.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a rather remarkable Digibyte price increase. Following another 3.1% increase in value, one DGB now sits at the price of $0.009715. There is also a 2.1% improvement in BTC value, which is slowly pushing this altcoin to the 270 Satoshi range. Both of these trends are quite positive in their own right, although one has to wonder if it can be sustained. There’s just $371,320 in volume, which won’t necessarily allow for major gains to materialize.

On social media, there is no lack of support for Digibyte right now. First of all, there is the tweet by Omoxie, as this user expects big things for Digibyte’s price. More specifically, this person claims a price rise to $1 is not entirely out of the question whatsoever. A very ambitious outlook, although stranger things have happened in the cryptocurrency world over the years.

It is also worth noting how DGB continues to make inroads across exchanges worldwide. The most recent platform to enable support for Digibyte comes in the form of 50x, a rather unknown cryptocurrency trading platform. With more gateways being added to obtain DGB, it is evident the global interest in this particular will continue to increase accordingly. How that will affect the price exactly, is a different matter altogether.

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Last but not least, there is the public message brought to the Twitterverse by Jared Tate. This individual is one of the original Digibyte founders and is quite proud of what his team has achieved throughout 2018. Moreover, he also gives a glimpse into what 2019 will hold exactly. More specifically, the focus now lies on DigitAssets and future dApps for the Digibyte blockchain. Exciting developments, assuming they can be realized in the proposed time frame.

All of these signs clearly indicate big things are waiting to happen in the cryptocurrency world. That is, at least where Digibyte is concerned. Even though the trading volume may look weak, the ongoing developments at the protocol and blockchain level should not be ignored by anyone. Reaching $0.01 may still pose a genuine challenge, as the market resistance can’t be overcome all that easily either.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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