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Digibyte Technical Analysis for 04/14/2016 – Pivot Level Overview

Since hitting a high of 185 satoshis on March 27, the market has broken through some key pivot zones in its slow descent during April. For example, the 110 satoshi level acted as support on the 2nd and 3rd of this month, but once price slipped underneath 110 satoshis on the 6th, this area started to act as resistance. Since March, the 0.00000110 has acted as resistance a total of …
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Digibyte Technical Analysis for 03/03/2016 – Pressure Mounting Against Major Pivot Zone

Since the beginning of March, the Digibyte cryptocurrency has made three attempts at rallying above the 0.0000007 price level, but so far there doesn’t seem to be sufficient momentum. So, why is price having such a hard time at this area? If we examine the 30-minute chart during the first half of February, it becomes obvious why 0.0000007 is of technical importance. This area acted as support during the rally …
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