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DIGI Token Takes Aim at the Digital Goods Market

The digital goods market is a huge, multi-billion dollar industry that is worth about 4 times more than the entire market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies combined. This is why the DIGI Token team is aiming to build a marketplace to bring the blockchain to the world of digital goods and services.

Product Viability

There are many projects looking to upend and disrupt entire industries or create industries of their own. DIGI Token and its team have set its sights on an already viable business model that could drastically benefit from the introduction of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The way they see it, even though the digital goods and services marketplace is already thriving, their coin can make a meaningful impact. They want to fix the main problems they see with the current business model.

Fixing Current Industry Problems

The three major problems that the DIGI Token team sees in the digital goods and services market are copyright issues, enormous commissions, and a restricted global reach. They think their token, DIGI, can tackle all of these challenges in one fell swoop.

In digital marketplaces today, individuals can essentially steal intellectual property and infringe on copyrighted material by making a few changes alone. They can then sell those products or services on marketplaces, robbing the original developers of hard-earned money. With a blockchain-backed platform, it will be easier to flag, report, and address instances of copyright infringement.

Platforms today can also end up taking as high as 60% of the revenue from a digital product or service. That is a ludicrously high number and feels unfair to the sellers and developers of these products. To combat this, DIGI Token’s platform will generate revenue from promotion and other use cases of DIGI Token. This way, the platform need not rely on content published by authors and developers, so those entities can keep more of the fruits of their labor.

Sometimes platforms in the current system are also geo-location restrictive. While many payment methods like Paypal and credit cards feel ubiquitous, some areas cannot be serviced so easily, meaning those payment systems are not truly global. DIGI Token realizes this problem and solves it with blockchain technology. Since it is not centralized, there is no third party to decide whether or not a particular region may be serviced. This frees both buyers and sellers to transact in a truly global manner.

DIGI Token’s ICO

Currently, DIGI Token is holding a token sale with some impressive early bird specials. Through Wednesday, participants can receive an extra 40% as a bonus for contributing. There is a funding hard cap of 75,000 ETH, meaning that if this amount is reached before the token sale’s end date, the sale will immediately end.

Check out DIGI Token’s website here:

This is their white paper:

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