Dentacoin – The Game Changing Concept for the Global Dental Industry

On July 1st Dentacoin launched its first public token presale. At the moment (03/07/2017), there are over 1K contributors to this new token. No big investors; solely crowd power. For people from the community this is news, since it promises a more equal distribution and no price manipulations.

Dentacoin is a new Ethereum-based token, which has taken over 3 years of team work between dental industry specialists, macroeconomists, developers and marketing specialists from UK, BG, IND, USA, DE, NL, F, RU and SA to create the concept and bring it to the public. This Saturday, July 1st at 8 a.m. GMT started the Exclusive Hard-capped Presale of Dentacoin.

The Dentacoin Foundation is an innovative structure, targeting the improvement of the global dental industry. The team behind it is in the process of developing various tools with different target audiences but devoted to the same purpose: to improve dental care worldwide.

These tools are the basis of a unique value-creating distribution mechanism: 40% of the total DCN supply will be distributed among millions of people who contribute to the mission of Dentacoin. This will result in creating millions of wallets, generating mass distribution and activating the crowd to use this token. The potential user group of Dentacoin extends far beyond the closed Blockchain community.

Due to DCN being forever limited in amount and thus – inflation-protected, the value is expected to increase in time, giving the involved parties even more benefits. This important feature is backed by a powerful deflation mechanism. The distribution strategy allows only a fixed percentage of the total pre-mined Dentacoins to be distributed annually.

In order to create a stable environment for a long-term increase in value, Dentacoin Foundation plans to implement a unique approach of indirect profit sharing for all Dentacoin holders. Once a year, the Dentacoin Foundation will buy back DCN from the market with 50% of its annual profit. Thereby, the global DCN supply will decrease and in return, the demand and the market price will increase.

This revolutionary approach is the fruit of solid macroeconomics understanding within the Dentacoin Team, which is already valued by many of the potential investors in the crypto market.

Last but not least, the potential for a fast global distribution is extremely high, as Dentacoin covers the requirements for a currency to be recognized as globalNext stop: General Healthcare? In order to join the Presale and contribute to Dentacoin Mission, please visit: