Dentacoin Empowers Patients Through Blockchain Reviews

Blockchain innovation is starting to touch almost every industry. While some obvious ones are finance and banking, others include contracts, legal services, and even dentistry. Dentacoin is a project that is launching the dentistry industry into the future by making a tailored blockchain for the specific needs of dentists and patients.

Why Not Just Pay For Dentistry With Bitcoin?

Whenever there are new projects like Dentacoin looking to bring the blockchain to an industry, people always seem to be a little confused. Why not just use existing cryptocurrencies to do the same thing? Bitcoin has already proven itself as a viable payment method, and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum have shown that the blockchain can even service smart contracts on their networks.

The answer is that those blockchains are very good at what they do, but do not satisfy all the needs of every industry. Dentacoin is looking for the holistic solution, bringing blockchain technology to the industry but also addressing where previous blockchains have fallen short. For instance, one of the major parts of this project is to implement a blockchain based dental insurance program. While users would be able to pay for insurance with Bitcoin, it would end there. Since Dentacoin is able to use the Ethereum blockchain and tailor it to the needs of the industry with their token, the entirety of the insurance program can backed by the blockchain. Bitcoin alone is not able to facilitate this huge part of their project.

By having a customized token on the Ethereum platform, Dentacoin can do things which Bitcoin cannot.

Making An Industry Better with Reviews

All of us want good bedside manner and a compassionate, skilled dentist. However, knowing the quality of a dentist you have never been to can be a mystery. Often, we have to rely on the word of the few reviews that exist on the Internet. Even those are somewhat suspicious, since businesses can pay to have good reviews uploaded or bad reviews removed.

Dentacoin takes the guesswork out of finding a good dentist. It will have a blockchain backed review platform of dentists by patients. Since it is blockchain backed, tampering with reviews cannot go unnoticed.

It is refreshing to see that Dentacoin wants to incorporate reviews as the central point of their project. Too often we find ourselves at the mercy of companies and businesses telling us -as consumers- to deal with what they give. Negative reviews get buried, and consumer voices are struck dumb. Dentacoin is empowering its users again. It is giving them back their voice.

We live in an audit culture, one where we have ritualized reviewing things. Opinions and reviews are infectious to our minds. This is why false-positive reviews can be so misleading. Companies know that negative reviews hurt business and that positive reviews help business. They throw countless dollars at websites to ensure that only the best reviews stay up or are more prominent in search engine results. This is why Dentacoin is making a blockchain backed review platform. This way consumers can know they are getting real reviews and reviewers know their voices are being heard.

Businesses are made and broken by reviews. Dentacoin enables patients in the dental industry to take back that power from companies and incentives dentists to be even better to get these valuable reviews.


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