Democratizing Space – One BlockClaim® at a Time… ASTEROID Ltd. Launches ICO

There are over 600,000 asteroids orbiting near the earth. These asteroids are mineable with resources ranging from iron and nickel to gold, iridium, silver, osmium, palladium, and platinum. One of the nearest asteroid, 16 Psyche, has been estimated to be worth about $10,000 quadrillion in iron deposit alone. NASA has estimated that there is over $700 Quintillion Dollars in mineral resources in these asteroids and is making plans to make them minable. However, ownership of these asteroids have been a hotly contested debate, until now.

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Introducing BlockClaim

Developed and built by Asteroid Ltd, BlockClaim is a proprietary, decentralized database for private individuals, corporations and nation states to register claims on mining rights to the over 600,000 identified asteroids near the Earth’s celestial orbit. Based on smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain network, Asteroid’s proprietary platform is the world’s only mechanism to establish claiming rights to these celestial resources. Asteroid will provide this platform registry, using a state-of-the-art blockchain distributed ledger.

Backed by “The Outer Space Treaty” declared and ratified in 1967, which explicitly forbids any government from claiming a celestial resource such as the moon, a planet, or asteroid, Asteroid Ltd will make it possible to democratize space, giving everyone the ability to lay claim to its resources.  

Asteroid mining is the removal of raw materials from Asteroids and other minor planets, including Near-Earth objects. Minerals and volatiles could be mined from an Asteroid or spent comet can be utilized on-site (e.g. construction materials and rocket propellant) or taken back to Earth for further processing. A decentralized platform created to register claims will facilitate individuals, corporations or nation states with immutable proof of their claim and the ability to easily execute their claims through  BlockClaim®. Once a BlockClaim® is registered, the claim is stored on the blockchain immutable ledger system and cryptographically secured. To track the value of their BlockClaim®, users need only log onto “WhoClaim®”(comparable to “Whois” ) and reference their claim.

Essentially, each BlockClaim is a tamper-proof and secure smart contract designating proof of ownership. Each Blockclaim is secured via a token called ASTR (ASTRCOIN), a token created on the Ethereum platform. ASTRCOIN enables users to search and pay for their registration claims. The token will also champion the future of space exploration and resources ownership by providing everyone with an easily accessible and transparent settlement system for staking and securing their claim on the vast resources orbiting our celestial system. This will ensure significant usage of the currency, giving liquidity and growth in the value of the currency.


Asteroid ICO Pre-Sale is currently open to the public. The Pre-Sale event is from 6th November 2017 and will run through 20th November 2017. The ICO will open to the public on 21st November 2017 through 18th December 2017. Only 100,000,000 tokens will be issued. The Pre-Sale discount is 75% to early contributors. Week 1 through week 4 provide a scaled bonus provision as seen on

ASTRCOINS will be freely tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges after the ICO.

About Asteroid

Asteroid, Ltd. was founded in November of 2015 at Cyberport in Hong Kong, a significant facility dedicated to the incubation of technology leaders.  Our innovation team is stellar and provides the backbone to the technical, financial, creative and marketing expertise necessary to ensure the ongoing stability and financial viability of the technology.

To learn more about the ASTEROID ICO or contribute before it is too late, visit the official website at: