Decentralized VR Platform ImmVRse Gears for Initial TGE as Dates Are Announced

VR technology has really kicked off in the recent years. With computing power, cheap hardware and programming language finally catching up, the technology has grown from an exotic concept in test labs to being available for everyday users.

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ImmVRse is a blockchain based VR application platform that will enable content creators of VR to share, collaborate and produce VR based media and become future default go-to platform for all virtual reality based content.

TGE of ImmVRse And TokenGet

With the vast experience of the development team, ImmVRse is one of the most anticipated projects in the blockchain field. Now with their token generation event just around the corner, the platform has taken some huge and significant steps to enhance the investor experience:

TokenGet is a state of the art token distribution management company that offers turn-key solutions to other platforms so the developers can concentrate on the core programming. With its vast experience in token events, TokenGet gives surety that the whole event will be handled flawlessly, enabling faster event activities and greater investor satisfaction. With some serious partnerships in the past, such as Peculium, a savings platform, and Tokia, a blockchain investment startup, helping to raise USD 7,000,000 and 20,000,000 respectively.

Another positive impact of the partnership will be the ability of investors to pay out in more currencies. Contributors will be able to now invest using BTC, ETH, USD and Dash. The TokenGet platform will also give wider access to investors around the world, helping ImmVRse achieve its targets.

Entersoft Aspect

The ImmVRse team is also very cautious about the security of its investors. The team has a second partnership with Entersoft, a security firm, to ensure that investor interests are protected. The cybersecurity team will be monitoring the platform website through their white hat hacker specialists constantly to look out for any threats.


The ImmVRse’s initial token generation event is set to start on 19th of June and will last till 22nd June. During this, the IMV token will be available for 1 IMV = 0.2 USD with a maximum supply of 300,000,000 tokens and a hard cap of 20,000,000 USD value. Of the total supply, one third will be available in the complete event, (100,000,000 IMVs) and half of the tokens will be kept in reserve by the team as future capital.

The popularity of the decentralized virtual reality concept is evident as the platform has already received more than 4,300,000 USD in pledges, 18 days before the official start of the event. In order to connect more with their potential investors, the ImmVRse team has also recently started a YouTube series called The Really Early Show, where interviews with the core team are done in an entertaining environment so investors can know the platform beyond the concept and tokenomics. This is a great way to introduce the humanity in the VR mix.

For more information on the virtual reality platform, visit their website.