Decentralized Video Sharing Platform Viuly Offers Users a Chance to Earn Revenue Without Restriction

Centralized content sharing platforms demonetizing small video producers

A large video sharing platform recently announced that it will drop thousands of small video producers from its revenue programs. Many of these video producers took to social media following the announcement to voice their displeasure of the choice. The choice was made so that the video tube channel could comply with advertiser guidelines after continued scandals revolving around offensive content kept occurring.

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The recent change in protocol has altered the entry requirements for video makers, demonetizing a significant portion of video content. The new system will involve a high minimum number of subscribers and a minimum number of views imposed. This will make it very difficult for the smaller video makers and new producers who will not be included.

Viuly’s Decentralized Solution

The Viuly platform (currently in Alpha), plans to do away with needless middlemen and commission charges. Instead, the platform as distributed in a fair way, allowing content producers a chance to earn higher percentages than those offered to them currently.

Video makers of varying budgets will be offered benefits on the Viuly ecosystem, with a chance to earn revenue in the form of VIU tokens without being restricted by entry requirements.

The Viuly platform runs off its native token, the VIU token. These tokens can be used by advertisers to buy packages, earned as rewards for watching videos and earned by video makers for generating views on their videos. Viuly’s target is to drastically improve the video-sharing industry by offering free content for all, through an open system of distributed content, devoid of restrictions and limitations to access, imposed by centralized intermediaries.

Moderating Via a P2P Model

As participation in revenue programs on traditional platforms becomes more strict the pre-approval, and still susceptible to the inclusion of “offensive content”, Viuly aims to moderate its content through a decentralized system.

The Viuly platform offers pre-approved content that is rated and passed or violation by peer-appointed moderators adhering to a common standard of community ethics. All users of the platform will be eligible to access all content regardless of geographic location or other common access limitations.

Viuly’s aims to disrupt the multi-billion dollar industry of online video-sharing with its blockchain-based answer to recent market problems. The platform will provide a decentralized and transparent solution and will strive to create a fair and open video network operating on an equitable model of revenue sharing.
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