Decentralized Value Based Healthcare Platform Digipharm Teams With Heavyweight Swisscom Blockchain

The age-old saying, health is wealth has never been doubted. A healthy body is the desire of every man and woman. However, with the spiraling cost of healthcare and medical insurance, access to good healthcare systems is becoming unaffordable for many people.

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The medical sector shows no sign of a slump either. A report by Quintiles IMS predicts that by 2021, annual global drug prescription will value nearly $1,500,000,000,000.

Digipharm: Affordable Healthcare Platform

Even with a huge growth, the healthcare sector is becoming clogged due to high cost and constrained resources. Compromises in the current systems are done to keep the flow going. In the end, it is the patients that are denied updated and innovative treatments.

A truly astounding feature of Blockchain is that the technology is adaptable to any kind of work or service. The Digipharm team has developed a healthcare platform using Blockchain. With it, the platform bypasses the infrastructural restrictions and replaces the age-old fee for service system in favor of value-based approach. This essentially means that instead of treating patients on a flat rate, payments of healthcare services should be tied the quality of the healthcare provided.

Using Blockchain, Digipharm combines healthcare industry expertise and decentralization, transforming how the healthcare systems work. Digipharm ensures that services rendered are quick, efficient and cheaper. It also allows monetization of patient data by allowing users to be in control of their healthcare data. The data can be contributed to health-related research and allow for patients to earn money.

Banking heavily on smart contracts, the platform will eliminate manual processing of payments and role of middlemen. This means there will be a huge reduction in the administrative cost of the healthcare sector, making services, even more, cheaper and accessible.

Teaming Up With Swisscom Blockchain

Swisscom Blockchain is a sister concern of Swisscom, the largest telecom service provider and the leading IT company in Switzerland. Swisscom Blockchain is a decentralized system advisory service that helps startups by giving them Blockchain development, infrastructure, and token generations services.

Starting in September 2017, the highly qualified company has been very selective about its clients, preferring to deal with only those who have a sound plan. The agreement between Swisscom Blockchain and Digipharm shows the seriousness and the commitment of the healthcare platform to provide innovative, cheap and world class service to its users. Sven Moller, Head of ICO services at Swisscom Blockchain stated that together the two companies could make an impact on the global scale and they are both delighted to support innovation at a local level. The company boasts a team of experts will work side by side with the Digipharm team to bring their vision to life, bring fair pricing to healthcare and benefit patients all over the world.

With the team up, Digipharm’s ability to create a solid, scalable platform that will possess the highest quality of data, services, privacy, and security is greatly enhanced.

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