Decentralized Supercomputer SONM to Launch MVP Testnet on December 25

With the end of the year almost upon us, a lot of ICO projects still have deadlines to meet. Now is an excellent time for teams to unveil recent developments to both existing and interested investors alike. That is much easier said than done, although some projects are moving in the right direction as we speak. The SONM team will unveil its MVP testnet on December 25. It is a big milestone for the company, to say the least.

The SONM MVP Testnet

Although most people associate “MVP” with Most Valuable Player, it has a very different meaning in the business world. More specifically, MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, an important milestone for any startup or ICO. Without such a product, it becomes evident investors invested in either an incompetent team or in a group of people who are simply in it for the money. Most ICOs struggle to reach the MVP stage in the allotted time frame these days, but that isn’t really a surprise.

In the case of SONM, the decentralized fog computing project, its MVP is ready to be shared with the public. More specifically, the team will unveil the testnet for their Minimum Viable Product to the world on December 25. It is a great Christmas gift for anyone who invested in this ICO earlier this year, as the team has been working hard to bring this project to the masses. Although the lack of marketing has been somewhat problematic, it’s good to see this product finally come to market in the end.

Building a distributed supercomputing platform with a built-in marketplace is not easy. A working alpha of this project has been around for quite some time now, but it was still somewhat limited in its functionality and appeal. The marketplace aspect will allow anyone in the world to buy or sell computational power. This will make this decentralized supercomputer accessible to anyone and everyone in the world, while keeping costs low and making lengthy contracts with a centralized provider non-existent.

It is evident this MVP testnet will allow a lot of people to experience the true power of this project moving forward. The SONM team is confident their solution can handle a multitude of tasks, ranging from cryptocurrency mining to AI development and CGI rendering to hosting massive gaming servers. All of this will be done at a fraction of the normal cost, while still ensuring people will receive a fair amount of money in exchange for their resources.

When the testnet launches on December 25, users will be able to describe their own tasks and have the community offer the necessary computing power to make them become a reality. All suppliers of computational power will receive a “high ranking status”. Once the platform officially goes live, these users will generate more income than people who join later on, though it is unclear how big the difference will be.

It will be interesting to see how the MVP testnet unfolds come December 25. Seeing this project finally come to fruition is a major victory for all investors. However, we are still in the testing stage, and there may be some issues which need to be worked out. Investors will be glad to see their contributions finally be put to good use as well. A bright future lies ahead for SONM, assuming the MVP testnet delivers the goods people expect.