Decentralized Social Network Offers Secure Alternative To Facebook With Encrypted Data, Enhanced Privacy

Data security and privacy is a hot topic these days, and a concern for both individuals and large companies. A private, decentralized social network named is attempting to address many of these concerns with their new service. The blockchain startup has just announced that it has begun its registration process, and it is now available to a broader audience, following a much-increased demand.

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Following a recent data scandal with the renowned social media giant Facebook, it has been reinforced in the mainstream media that most social media networks pose ownership of all data and content on their sites, allowing access of the data to third parties who may wish to use this data for consumer purposes.

The platform is geared towards privacy and discourages search engines from viewing user profiles or displaying them in search results. In addition, has stated that it does not own any of the user’s data or content.

The platform lets users spend its native SCL currency to purchase goods and services. The token is also available on a number of various exchanges for trading against other tokens. The platform provides all users with a decentralized wallet to store their SCL. The wallets are secure due to smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Self-governance has a target to transition eventually to total self-governance, with the assistance from users to keep the platform clean and safe by removing banned material and unsuitable posts, in exchange for tokens.

Security and Privacy will empower its users with strict privacy settings to control and protect their private info. All data and content will be kept within an encrypted decentralized storage solution.Next year plans to upgrade to IPFS data storage, which uses P2P protocol, offering increased decentralization. have gone with an IdentityServer, a trusted, open-source network which will securely handle all authentication of the application. The company is also using a trusted third party organization to run audits and penetration testing. This will make sure that the platform is not susceptible to attacks on the code or development flows. Audits and reports will be made public to ensure there is total transparency.

The platform’s wallet creation method utilizes a decentralized smart-contract process in which no entity owns the wallets themselves. will also not garner any control over any of the funds on the platform.


The platform also comes with a marketplace that users can facilitate buying and selling of products and services using SCL tokens. The platform charges 1% fee of the total value of each transaction, for this service.

The platform also offers a user-to-user messaging feature and the option for community messaging for groups and events. An end-to-end message encryption is also in the works for consequent releases. also plans to let users send SCL, share audio media and other types of content via messages.

Users will be able to launch crowdfunding and advertising campaigns and SCL holders will also get a debit card so they can spend their tokens in everyday situations like shopping. has partnered with MoxyOne to bring its user the debit card function.

Later this year plans to transition most of its projects to open-source and will offer  the public a chance to score free SCL through bounties and to run tests on the code to check for any final flaws.

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