Decentralized Innovation Platform Crowdholding Upgrades, Allows Instant Withdrawal of Earned Tokens

Combining the proven concept of crowdfunding and instead of using the platform for raising money, Crowdholding raises ideas. By allowing companies and entrepreneurs to connect with people at a much larger level, they can simply ask users if a particular change in their existing business, application or service will be good or bad. Users reply and voice their opinions on the platform, allowing the companies to get a better idea of what step to take that will be the most positive for them.

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Yup, Let’s Not Forget The Users

Companies and firms get a lot of benefit from floating their ideas to Crowsholding’s users: From having a better idea of what to do to increase business, to saving R&D costs. This is all good for them, but how does it benefit the users? The answer is the Yup token.

A user’s opinion on a project or an idea, if upvoted, generates Yup tokens for him or her. In this way, a good and well researched opinion or suggestion by a user will garner more attention and increased upvotes. The user will be compensated with a higher amount of tokens, while the company will have to simply look at the highest upvoted suggestions and comments to know what their user base wants.

Yup On The Ethereum Blockchain

In their latest upgrade to the Crowholding platform, the developers of this decentralized system have moved the Yup token to the public Ethereum blockchain. This allows users of the platform to withdraw their tokens which are earned as a reward for their contribution to they projects and ideas floated on the platform.

This instant monetization is possible due to the very basic feature of Ethereum: smart contracts. As soon as an idea or a suggestion is upvoted on the platform, smart contracts ensure that a certain amount of Yup token is transferred to the originator. Users then can withdraw their earned tokens from the platform, or use the tokens for further purchasing or upvoting other articles by users.

Crowdholding’s Strong Presence

Crowdholding, like thousands of other blockchain based platform, offers unique services that cater to a very small niche. Yet, the platform has been able to raise roughly USD 2,000,000 from their token generation events in the start of this year and now has 17,000 plus users

The platform boasts more than 25 different blockchain startups on its platform, including some big names such as anonymous crypto payment system Deep Onion, savings platform Peculium and trading platform Intelligent Trading Foundation.

The ability to connect users with special skill set and knowledge with companies and organizations that benefit from the users is what makes Crowdholding stand apart.

Ethan Clime, CEO of Crowdholding stated that online communities are providing an astonishing way for people to interact with each other, learn new skills, solve issues and discuss and debate. With Crowdholding, the community system becomes stronger than ever.

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