Decentralized Gaming Platform: Crycash Announces Alpha Release for all Token Holders

Gaming ecosystems based on the blockchain are being heavily pursued these days. The main reason is that the blockchain space gives gaming platforms the ability to offer a variety of new services and allow them to float their native cryptocurrency coin and offer certain benefits for users if they choose to pay through the native coin. While all of this may seem great in theory, the problem is that many gaming platforms have struggled when development is considered. It is because a good response and engagement from the gaming community is needed for a successful launch and development of the new platform.

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CryCash is a new blockchain-based gaming ecosystem that has offered an alpha launch for its partner Plink’s users. Plink was developed as a dedicated messenger for the gaming community and is now aiming to bring its widely acclaimed interface and to a brand new level of gaming experience like the one CryCash is working on. The CryCash developers understand the importance of engaging the right alpha public release to fix the bugs and other issues. Plink’s messaging community is strong and that’s why giving its users the option to get an alpha version will be crucial for the future success of the new platform.

Why CryCash gaming platform?

CryCash’s powerful partnerships within the gaming community including the likes of Crytek, the developer of famous gaming series like Crysis and Far Cry series. The platform is likely to become a game changer for the future of the gaming industry.


Features and availability

The features of the new alpha will include a host of features of Plink in the new app. The app is available for iOS, Windows and Android users. Users can:

  • Add friends on Plink to to see what kind of games they are playing.
  • Sent texts and make voice calls to friends
  • Link game accounts to the app. Users can then compare the performance of the games you play with those of your friends’ and start a healthy competition.
  • Users can find potential teammates for their latest DOTA 2 adventures and other games through the platform. One can view them based on their skill level and other parameters. Users can also check the CryCash balance within the smartphone application.

The Plink launch is in line with the platform’s Q1 2018 launch. It is the first part of the launch of the new CryCash system. It will soon be followed by Advertising platform, CyberSport Platform and CRYENGINE Marketplace.

CryCash Token Generation Event (TGE)

The CryCash TGE started from December 14, 2017 and will last till January 31st 2018. The price is set at 1 CRC= 0.001 ETH. There is an additional 20% discount for backers who are willing to invest more than 200 ETH. Accepted currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash.

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