Decentralized city building starts this summer on the Ethereum blockchain!

Following the huge success of CryptoKitties that saw early adopters earn 10000% interest from their cat acquisitions, a whole number of clones have been released, aiming to capture the good-fortunes of “crypto collectibles”. None of these gaming enterprises have been able to make a buck for the players involved since.

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From this, the crypto-gaming market has been steadily evolving. Revolutionising the market with connection of HTML5 technology that allows for running a fully featured, graphically-rich game inside any browser and Ethereum digital wallets for controlling game assets stored on the blockchain could see online and mobile gaming reach even further heights.

The first of its kind is the city builder strategy game called MegaCryptoPolis launching this summer. This will offer players from all over the world the opportunity to collectively build a unique mega city on the Ethereum blockchain.

Game starts on 24th of May 2018 — players begin to acquire blocks of land on the decentralized city map, which will then allow them to construct a range of building types, such as: residential, production and commercial structures. Every block of land, along with buildings that are constructed on it, is an ERC-721 cryptо-tоken that can be transferred or traded like any other cryptocurrency on integrated and external marketplaces.

Buildings Produce Ether

After the game launch buildings will begin to generate influence points, depending on what is built around their neighbourhood. For example, residential buildings near a commercial zone will produce much more points than a building that is close to a manufacturing facility — just like in real life. The value of property or land blocks, more often than not depend on location.

Hardcoded Price Growth

When someone purchases a spare land block — a smart contract raises the price of the surrounding blocks of land. Part of the purchase price is then distributed amongst block owners in the 7×7 field.

The initial cost for a single block will start from 0.015 ETH, with all blocks being hardcoded to rise up to 7.5 ETH — once all neighboring blocks are sold. This means that buying a block of land inside of a 7×7 field may double your return of Ether after a number of blocks being sold around it.

In it’s core, MegaCryptoPolis looks like a massive multiplayer on-line Go game — just without limits.

Every action inside the game requires some taxes that are collected and delegated across regional and federal budgets. These are then distributed amongst all players — depending on their share of total influence points produced within a game cycle (24 hours). Players may then withdraw their earnings daily, or whenever they like, in the form of Ether — directly to their Ethereum digital wallet.

District Owner’s Revenue

Players can even acquire whole districts that will then allow them to gain a share of the profits from all blocks within it. Districts are basically the older and larger siblings of blocks that feature on the MegaCryptoPolis game map. The right to own a district is initially sold during an auction. A district can then be traded freely like any other game asset. District owners have the right to set the price of all blocks in their district’s region, as well as receiving part of the profits that are collected from all land block sales within their district.

Decentralized and Trustless

MegaCryptoPolis is based on a decentralized model, with all in-game transactions verified by open sourced smart contract and all player activities are stored within the Ethereum blockchain. This does not allow developers to affect the game balance in any way after it is launched, as everything is solely determined by the actions of the players themselves.

The Project Whitepaper has a well mapped out and detailed description of all game aspects and rules, including all types of buildings and dependencies — even maths formulas to help make all in-game transactions easy to understand. We highly recommended reading through this.

Bounty Campaign

There is a Bounty Campaign with limited amount of exclusive blocks of land to be distributed randomly amongst all registered participants. Everyone involved in the help spread the word via social media will increase their chance of receiving rare and valuable crypto-land-tokens.

Join today and take advantage of all the early adopter bonuses!

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