Decentral And Ethereum Canada Announce Major Blockchain Event

Blockchain is on the minds of a lot of companies and government officials these days, even though only a small percentage of the people involved understand the full extent of this technology. Decentral announced they will be hosting the world’s largest blockchain trade show in Toronto later this year, thanks to a partnership with Ethereum Canada. Over fifty exhibitors and 60 speakers from all over the world will be there, which should gather a lot of attention from global media outlets.

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World’s Largest Blockchain Trade Show 2016

TheMerkle_Bitcoin ATM Decentral

There is no better way to show people what the blockchain is capable of than by demonstrating the solutions built on top of this technology. With over 50 exhibitors presenting their case at the World’s Largest Blockchain Trade Show in Toronto later this year, there is plenty of innovation waiting to be discovered.

Moreover, this event might give people better insights as to how this technology can translate to real life use cases. The dominant focus on financial solutions is just one of the many possibilities for blockchain technology in the coming years, and it will be interesting to see the projects being demonstrated and discussed during this event.

Such a magnificent event would not be possible without the support of key partners, as Decentral has partnered with Ethereum Canada to bring this event to fruition. Thanks to the sponsoring by TMX Group – a name well-known in finance as they own the Toronto Stock Exchange and Montreal Exchange – this three-day event can take place between September 19th and 21st 2016.

Although the primary focus will be on exhibitors and projects by Bitcoin and Ethereum enthusiasts, there is plenty of room for established financial companies looking to explore the world of blockchain technology.Among the projects, one can see in action during this event are digital wallets, ATM solutions, trading platforms, and even mining equipment

Decentral and Ethereum Founder Anthony Di Iorio stated:

“The blockchain has the potential to be as disruptive as the internet. It is a comprehensive technology with impacts to be felt in many financial and non­financial industries over the coming decades. This is the right time to showcase the many emerging ecosystems, platforms, and companies that are at the forefront of this exciting new technology, and Toronto and Canada are well positioned to host this premier event.”

Although the full event calendar and speaker list are still far from complete, there is plenty of time to fill in the gaps. Interested exhibitors and attendees can receive future updates about this event via email, The next batch of details will be announced somewhere in April of this year.

Source: Market Wired

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