Databroker DAO Launched Main Sale for DTX Token

Databroker DAO, a platform allowing owners of devices with sensors to monetize their data, has kicked off their main sale of the DTX token.

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Databroker DAO a win for both sides

The marketplace Databroker dao envisions is a win/win for both businesses and the consumer. Businesses as well as research organizations are able to acquire data that is both accurate and timely in an ethical manner while consumers are able to receive a financial incentive if they choose to submit their sensor data.

Sensor owners would receive 80% of proceeds to be exact, with 10% being awarded to the gateway operator responsible for brokering the transaction, and the other 10% being allocated to the platform.

The platform would also reduce intermediary costs by eliminating the middlemen, and allow owners of the data full control of their sensors, by allowing them to sell only what they want to. With the global market for IOT sensors having surpassed $600 billion per year, a number that will only increase as existing devices become connected and more products hitting shelves become internet-capable.

In fact, the market is expected to double within the next three years, making this one of the fastest growing markets to date.

The main sale follows a successful pre-sale event. The sale started April 26th, with participants on day one receiving a 10% discount. Those interested in “trying before buying” can check out Databroker’s beta platform, which is fully functioning and showcases all the features for selling or buying sensor data with Databroker.

Token sale details

The event is scheduled to run for a full month, coming to an end on May 26th, 2018. The exchange rate for DTX tokens is at a rate of 4000 DTX per 1 ETH, with a 5% bonus available to those that take advantage of their referral system.

Buyers only have to go through a KYC procedure and then they are able to purchase DTX tokens. Once the KYC procedure is complete, buyers submit the ETH to the wallet address on their website, and then claim their tokens.

Future roadmap

Databroker DAO already has confirmed listing of their token on the exchange Chankura one week after the sale ends, allowing for traders to acquire DTX tokens on the public market.

After the sale and trading opens, Q2 of 2018 will see mainnet release of the platform, setup and onboarding of an extended team, as well as the integration of gateway operators. Q3 will focus on improving the white labeled frontend interface, and Q4 of 2018 will work on private data sales and whitelisted buyers. Finally, the first quarter of 2019 will bring with it data enhancement integrations.

These integrations will serve as services based on the raw data they are providing. The first of many integrations will begin with the Alliance, buyers and sellers that have been vetted and work closely with Databroker DAO.

Visit their website and read their whitepaper to learn more. The team is available for chat on Telegram, and users can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Blog posts are made on Medium.