Databroker DAO Announce Token Pre-Sale Event, Scheduled to Begin March 19th

The DataBroker DAO platform is the first blockchain marketplace to sell sensory data from the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT currently stores a vast amount of sensory data, inaccessible however to anybody but the organizations that have collected it. It sensory deployment is a booming industry, with governments, research bodies and many other sectors spending hundreds of billions per year on purchasing and maintaining IoT sensors. Dubai based company DataBroker DAO is the first company to gather this information, and offer it for sale on their platform.

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Untapped Potential

There are already more than 9 Billion IoT sensors deployed internationally that measure everything from the temperature to traffic congestion, to the fullness of waste bins. Those who own these sensory come from a diverse array of industries, as many businesses look to modernize their company through embracing ‘smart’ technology. The insights offered by the IoT sensory data ultimately lead to improvements in operations or service offerings for the businesses involved.

As well as offering a valuable service for companies, the data collected has intrinsic business value for 3rd parties interested in purchasing it. Through using the DataBroker DAO ERC20 token, DTX (DaTa eXchange), DataBroker DAO platform users are granted access to a mass of IoT data. Sensor owners connect with data purchasers, enabling them to monetize their data and recoup collection costs. Data purchasers are given the opportunity to gain access to previously inaccessible data by paying a one-time fee.

Sensor Data for the Masses

The market for procuring, enriching and selling value-added insights from data has already reached 150 billion USD per year with more than 5,000 companies involved. As society moves in the direction of a ‘smart’ everything world, data is a valuable commodity to trade. In addition to this, the rapid advancements in Artificial intelligence also demand data improve their technologies.

DataBroker DAO is a data marketplace that commodifies sensory data through an easily accessible platform, in a similar way Ebay advertises purchases. Sensor owners place their data up for sale priced in DTX and secure the integrity of their data by staking their own DTX tokens. Data purchasers can simply pay the owner to access their data using DTX.

The number of sectors this could potentially benefit are huge, including public transport, environmental agencies, academia, Smart City initiatives and energy corporations. All of these industries would be aided through the access of specific IoT data. Through the DataBroker DAO platform, individuals are able to utilize the variety of data at a magnitude previously unattainable and to innovate on a new scale.

The Token Sale

The token pre-sale will begin on March 19th, 2018. The DataBroker DAO token DTX will be available at a base rate of 1 ETH (Ethereum) = 4000 DTX. Pre-Sale participants receive a 50% bonus, with the minimum purchase during this period being 10 ETH.

The main sale will begin March 26th, 2018 and run for four weeks with a first-day bonus of 10%.