Dark Wallet Offers Privacy And Anonymity To Bitcoin Users

Wallet services are plentiful in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, as every provider seems to be offering something unique or different. The main goal of creating a wallet service is to provide convenience to everyday consumers, especially those who get involved in Bitcoin with little to no knowledge about the technical side of things. Dark Wallet is something different, as its main selling points focus on privacy and anonymity.

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Dark Wallet – Bitcoin In A Browser

TheMerkle_Dark Wallet Bitcoin

Using Bitcoin is all about being in full financial control at any given time, without relying on third-party services or platforms. Dark Wallet, on the other hand, is acting as an intermediary service by eliminating the need to install separate Bitcoin software on one’s computer. To most novice users, this might seem like a good idea as they are wary when it comes to installing programs and executables.

Using Bitcoin from within one’s browser might seem like a strange idea on paper, but the concept has some merits, as it is a very convenient solution to bring Bitcoin to people all over the world. Dark Wallet wants to deliver a high-quality Bitcoin service with customer experience being the number one priority.

What sets Dark Wallet apart from other Bitcoin wallet services is how the team deliberately focuses on bringing more privacy and anonymity to Bitcoin. As we have discussed over the past few days, this is a feature some people are looking for. At the same time, Dark Wallet will present an uncensored version of the Bitcoin ecosystem, by striking a fine balance with privacy.

A representative of Dark Wallet stated it as follows:

“You need anonymity for personal freedom. A free society does not censor any one person’s voice (or monetary vote), no matter how uncomfortable that makes us feel.The purpose of this project as we develop our technological capabilities will be to explore blockchain hyperspace creating p2p, crypto and open source software that delivers this new world to you, the user, the king, the pioneer.”

All of the blockchain queries processed by Dark Wallet will be routed through an obelisk server. Doing so will also keep all users informed regarding updates or change son the Bitcoin network. It is important to keep in mind this platform is still in early alpha stage though, and users might encounter bugs along the line.

Stealth Addresses And Coin Mixing

TheMerkle_Privacy Wallet Bitcoin

The Dark Wallet team has opted for a two-pronged approach regarding privacy and anonymity. Stealth addresses solve the issue of address reuse, as a new Bitcoin address will be generated for every individual transaction. This prevents unwanted parties from snooping around in one’s transaction history to see how he or she is moving funds around.

Furthermore, there is an option for Coin Mixing included in the wallet service. By mixing the power of CoinJoin and encryption, transactions can be combined with those of other users, obfuscating the blockchain trail. This is yet another method to prevent anyone from looking up somebody’s Bitcoin address and going through their entire financial history.

NOTE: If you decide to visit DarkWallet make sure you visit the correct link ending in .is Darkwallet.is there is a phishing site under the domain .co which we mistakenly linked from Reddit – the post has been since removed. Furthermore, when visiting the .is version you can see a secured https connection, the malware link does not establish a successful https connection.

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