CryptXXX Ransomware Victims Can Now Restore Computer Access Free of Charge

Ransomware has been a continuous threat to computer users throughout 2016. Security researchers have been playing catch-up with malware developers for the longest time, but they’ve scored another small victory in the ongoing war. The latest strain of CryptXXX ransomware has been neutralized, and victims can now restore file access free of charge through RannohDecryptor.

Latest CryptXXX Ransomware Strain Has Been Defeated

The RannohDecryptor tool, developed and hosted by Kaspersky Lab, can be used to get rid of a ransomware infection free of charge. Over the past 18 months, developers have made significant progress in this regard, and several types of ransomware have been neutralized since. Although this tool does not work for every type of malware, security researchers have made it more versatile.

In a new RannohDecryptor update, the Kaspersky Lab developers enabled support to decrypt the CryptXXX ransomware or to be more precise, this tool now works for every known strain of this malware to date. In previous iterations, the tool used to work for a partial list of files, but it looks as though any file can now be recovered through RannohDecryptor.

This news is a major blow to cybercrime operations, as ransomware remains one of the most profitable businesses in the online crime sector. CryptXXX has also been one of the most active ransomware families to date, ensuring that criminals can no longer make money from spreading the malware is a great victory.

Thanks to a fatal flaw in earlier versions of CryptXXX’s encryption algorithm, creating a decryption tool became quite easy. But as one would expect from cyber criminals, the developers stepped up their game rather quickly. Unfortunately for them, however, the second version of this ransomware was not without flaw either.

One of the biggest threats associated with CryptXXX ransomware has not just been its ability to encrypt computer files. In the background, the malware is also capable of stealing login credentials from multiple sources, including online banking, web browsers, messenger programs, and social media.

It is good to see that security researchers are continuing their fight against ransomware and malware. Both types of malicious code threaten computer users all over the world and often lead to financial incentives for unknown criminals. Putting these threats to an end is of the utmost importance, even though the war against ransomware is far from over.

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