Cryptominers Review

There are plenty of websites in the Bitcoin world that will promise potential investors the sun of the moon, even though none of these claims can be backed up in the long run. Cryptominers falls into this particular category, as they claim to run a risk-free Bitcoin multiplier, returning twice the original amount to investors. Where this funds would be coming from other than from new investors – as part of this Ponzi – is anybody’s guess, as this “company” does not disclose too much information.

Things are off to a bad start when taking a look at the Cryptominers website design. It is clear for everyone to see the developers have put very little effort into modifying a cheap template, and rather just adjusted the text to be displayed on the front page. When taking a closer look at the menu, options such as “Why we?” and “How we do” are even more warnings signs this platform should not be trusted with any [lage amount of] money.

According to the website, Cryptominers will double one’s money by investing deposits in cloud mining profitable altcoins. Anyone who has been involved in digital currency for more than a few weeks will tell you most cloud mining companies are pure scams, and mining altcoins is never a good idea. It is rather funny how Cryptominers lists several “partners” on their website, even though none of these companies are in league with them on an official basis.

The mining pools being used by Cryptominers leave much to be desired as well, as they are both relatively unknown. With so many multipool available, it looks rather shady when an investment company lists names no one has ever heard of, let alone given any credibility. Furthermore, when someone would make an investment, there is no official cloud mining contract to speak of.

There is absolutely no company info to be found on the Cryptominers website either, which is quite a surprise considering this team claims to double anyone;s money by cloud mining altcoins. Conducting a WHOIS search will result no information either, as everything is protected by WhoisGuard. Not instilling any confidence on this front either folks.

What puts the final nail in the coffin is the huge lack of transparency regarding solvency, payouts, and number of customers. There is also no mention of what coins are being mined at any given time, unless one signs up for the service and makes an investment. Bitcoin enthusiasts need to stay away from this site as far as possible.



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