CryptoHunt Set to Bring Mass Cryptocurrency Adoption Through Augmented Reality Game

Cryptohunt, a leader in AR/VR technology, have announced exciting new updates for their blockchain-based, geolocational treasure hunting game, CryptoHunt. The game now has a playable demo, which is now available for public access. Utilizing the latest innovations in Augmented Reality and geolocation, CryptoHunt allows users to actively search and solve puzzles for rewards. Similar to PokémonGO, players can solve riddles for CryptoHunt tokens.

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However, by leveraging its innovative blockchain technology, CryptoHunt activities have tangible values and is backed by a token economy. The CryptoHunt coins collected during every activity has real value. The coin can be exchanged into other cryptos and will eventually be linked to a Visa CryptoHunt card for players to cash out earnings. The groundbreaking game incorporates trivia in a truly novel approach for players to earn tokens by completing tasks in their surrounding areas, while engaging with their friends.

Demo Launch

CryptoHunt’s demo has been released ahead of the platform’s Token Generation Event so as to provide players with the opportunity to explore the possibilities the game offers and test it out in real time. The demo affords the community unparalleled insight in to the quality, prospects, and potentials of this exciting new game. Billed to become a forerunner in the emerging crypto-gaming industry, CryptoHunt will reward players who successfully complete 10 levels in the demo with a 10% bonus during its upcoming TGE.

The CryptoHunt mobile app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices. Once installed and launched, users are tasked with creating their account straight away in order to get them as quickly as possible to the earning rewards for their activities. Professor Crypto, the game’s helpful NPC, will seek the player’s help in solving a mystery that will send the player searching throughout their city for answers based on tips and hints provided. Finding the correct treasure chest for the Professor will reward the player.

For players to further progress in the game, they must earn collectible items, cosmetic upgrades, game rank by score and time to completion of certain missions, and tokens. Every item found by players is unique and will be registered on the blockchain as uniquely theirs, meaning that there can’t be another copy of the same item in a different player’s inventory. This makes the game a truly “collectible game”, adding an overall sense of achievement to every puzzle solved.

CryptoHunt Token Sale

The platform’s Token Generation Event will begin on March 1st, 2018 and end on March 15th, 2018. The individual minimum cap has been set at 0.1 ETH and the max contribution is capped at 15ETH per contributor. Interested parties are encouraged to complete the whitelisting process, which includes a Proof of Care requirement.

CryptoHunt aims to not only to bring gaming and crypto enthusiasts together on a unifying platform, but also reward and encourage them to start earning and learning in a rewarding environment!

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