Cryptocompare Review

There are plenty of companies active in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency who want to bring statistical details and real-time exchange rates tot he community. While every site offers something different, CryptoCompare is a relatively unknown platform to most people. However, they offer an interesting oversight of how Bitcoin and various of the top altcoins are performing, both in fiat currency value as well as interconnected exchange rates across platforms.

When opening the Cryptocompare page for the very first time, users are greeted with a very informative page that offers both charts, a list of featured coins, latest reviews posted on their website, and hottest trending topics on their forum. Everything is presented in a clean layout that is easy to navigate. and the site provides a wealth of information to its visitors. Do keep in mind this platform is always under construction though, and more content will be added over time.

Cryptocompare serves an overview for different types of digital currency, as well as wallet providers, exchanges, and mining information. On the list of coins are the most prominent digital currencies one can think of. As long as altcoin has enough volume, the Cryptocompare team will look into its specifics, and put the details through an internal vetting process. Should the coin be deemed worthy, it will be added to their list. In this day and age, it does not hurt to be selective when it comes to altcoins, as there are plenty of pump-and-dumps out there. At the time of publication, there were 291 different cryptocurrencies listed on Cryptocompare.

The exchanges section is separated into different categories, with a general overview posted on the first tab. Users can then decide to filter between types of exchanges by clicking the appropriate tab, which can be “BTC Only” or “featured”, for example. Every listed exchange also has an individual rating, which is generated based on user feedback.

Mining is an integral part of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, and it is good to ee Cryptocompare paying some attention to this section as well. Users are presented with a list of mining companies – and their associated ratings. Oddly enough, KnCMiner is listed as a company digital currency enthusiasts need to stay away from, even though there is no user feedback to confirm this.

In the wallet section are plenty of options to choose from, depending on what type of device the person is using. All wallets have their independent reviews, and can be sorted based on anonymity, security, and ease of use. Bitcoin debit cards are listed under this section as well, and there is a very comprehensive list to choose from.

Last but not least, Cryptocompare would not be an all-around platform without a dedicated guides section. All of the available guides are filtered by relativity based on the current page that is opened, and there is a short list of popular guides available on the right-hand side as well. There does not seem to be a direct link to the guides section on the site’s menu though, which is something the team will need to address.



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