Cryptocloaks offers Plenty of Bitcoin Node Customization Options

Running a Bitcoin network node is often considered to be a technical process. Cryptocloaks specializes in making it easier to do, as well as providing more customization options.

In theory, it is not overly complicated to set up a Bitcoin network node.

A Different Take on Running a Bitcoin Node

With a few hours of patience and a Raspberry Pi 3B or newer, one can get pretty far. 

However, there aren’t necessarily too many physical customization options when exploring this process.

There is also the factor as to how it remains somewhat complex to go through all the motions.

Cryptocloaks has come up with a solution called Build-a-node.

Under the hood, it allows users to build their own Bitcoin or Lightning node accordingly.

It is even possible to accept cryptocurrency payments through the integrated BTCPayServer offering. 

Giving customers all of the possible option is crucial in this regard.

Not only can they customize all software aspects, but they can even utilize a custom case for their node as well.

All of this comes at a cost, however, as configurations begin at $330.

In terms of setting up a node, it is a rather expensive option, but one that takes all of the guesswork out of the equation. 

Products like these will allow the Bitcoin ecosystem to thrive and grow over time.

It also makes it somewhat “fun” to create a node, particularly from a visual perspective.