Crypto.Review Launch Crypto Product Review Platform Targeting Both Beginners and Veterans

The new Crypto.Review platform is a hub for crypto consumers to find information and resources on a range of crypto and blockchain related products. Based in Malaysia, the team behind Crypto.Review has finally launched the website after months of development. UK based entrepreneur Ben Starr heads the team as CEO, after previously developing the content websites and

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In a recently released statement, Ben described the Crypto.Review project as an opportune venture in combing his skills in both marketing, and blockchain technology. With previous successful content websites, Ben looks prepared to extrapolate his abilities in providing a commercial website onto this new platform. He hopes to provide unbiased, up to date and useful information on the Crypto.Review website, attracting visitors interested in products and services within the niche area of crypto.

There is a wide range of articles on the website that review platforms and recent blockchain developments, as well as pieces that begin a discussion about the future of the crypto industry. Those with published contributions on the website have a verified history in the cryptocurrency field. Recently published reviews on the website detail the pros and cons of the Trezor hardware wallet, and the viability of MyetherWallet compared to the alternatives.

The site is user-friendly, with an interfacing allowing visitors to quickly access the most recent posts, as well as the most popular categories. Each published piece has the author listed, allowing users to explore more reviews by an author they may favor.

Product Reviews

The main features developed to attract users to the Crypto.Review website includes product reviews and detailed guides on crypto exchange platforms. These guides rate the individual exchange site based on criteria including the security, features, fees and customer support. Although there are some product reviews already featured on the website, the team are looking to expand these too soon include more wallets, coins, and token generation events.

The Blog

The Crypto.Review blog is a useful tool for those with little prior understanding of the crypto field. The blog provides detailed, simplified content about blockchain technology, and how individuals can begin engaging with it. This is a useful service considering the growing popularity of the blockchain and crypto industries, which can be intimidating for those with no prior experience with it. Not all of the blog posts may be a resource popular with those already with a firm understanding of the technology, as many simplify the key elements of the technology.

About Crypto.Review

The objective of is to provide trusting, impartial advice on blockchain products and services that can empower the decision making of the user. The website offers a variety of overall guidelines for beginners looking to invest for the first time, as well as providing detailed reviews for experienced traders looking for advice. The developers hope to soon expand the content to include further detailed analysis of the latest wallets, coins, and token generation events.