Crypto Payment Startup HUPAYX Builds Partnerships to Reach Hundreds of Thousands of Stores in S. Korea

South Korea-based crypto payment platform HUPAYX is changing the digital payment adoption paradigm by leveraging its partnership influence with high profile companies in the local areas of South Korea. Its most recent partnership will accord it the opportunity to influence crypto payment adoption by merchants in over 420,000 stores in the region of Seoul. The pilot project will explore Duty-free shops, tourist shopping districts, as well as integrating service via an app with the HUPAY Wallet.

Crypto payments are the most fundamental to any cryptocurrency campaign in driving for the adoption of emerging digital assets. As the industry continues to mature, the demand for crypto-payment services continues to soar, as a cryptocurrency at its core represent the idea of a medium of exchange and store of value, before the technology behind them are duly considered.

As merchants across the globe are increasingly becoming aware of the potential in emerging digital payment systems such as Bitcoin, so does the need for easy transition models to aid the rapid intake of crypto-payment facilities. This is what the Human Plus team had in mind when they founded the HUPAYX payment system.

Simplified Use Case

The platform currently has two basic features which include a service payment feature and a peer-to-peer transfer of crypto assets between users of the platform. The former focuses on online shoppers and provides them with the ability to make purchases at any of the stores where the merchant supports the platform or has one of the HUPAY point of sale (POS) terminal installed. The users of the HUPAY app – which is currently available to android users – are provided with the option to store their supported cryptocurrencies on the wallet and can make transactions via the wallet or by scanning barcodes and NFC connectivity.

HUPAYX’s team dreams of creating a new global paradigm in the blockchain-based everyday economy through its alliance partners and has begun to see early realization to the point they want to expand their reach to over 1 million stores by the end of 2019 and subsequent integration in Q1 of 2020.

Huge, Influential Partnerships

HUPAYX’s partnership streams to include those KIS Information Communications – notably the second largest VAN and merchant terminal company with over 2 million payment service app users; and LG U+ – a subsidiary of LG Group that offers an internet-related corporate services and having over 15 million members nationwide has no doubt positioned the payment platform in a unique position to influence the adoption of crypto-based payments across online stores in Asia first, and then globally. The team’s view on the partnerships reveals the team’s ardent pursuit of their ambition:

“We believe that some of the key partnerships we did, reflects not only on HUPAYX potential but also in trust and technological advantage we possess over our competitors.”

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