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The time has come to look at another cloud mining company called Crypto-Mine. Similar to a lot of other platforms in this particular industry, this site is looking to attract investors from all over the world, by offering them high ROI rates and an affiliate program. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are all supported, although it is very doubtful anyone will ever see their money returned to them.

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The layout of Crypto-mine is slightly different from most other websites, although that on its own is not a reason to invest any money in this platform. Cloud mining relies on trust, and this company is not instilling any trust when taking a closer look at what they claim to offer.

By offering customers easy access to Bitcoin cloud mining, Crypto-mine wants to make a name for itself. So far, they are doing a good job, but not in a positive way. The company claims investors will earn up to 40% ROI per month, which is absolutely impossible in the world of Bitcoin mining.

That is, unless Crypto-mine would control close to 50% of the total Bitcoin hashpower, which they do not. There is zero transparency regarding which mining hardware the company is using, let alone how they would be able to make good on their ROI promises.

Signing up for the Crypto-Mine website will reward users with a bonus of 1,000 Dogecoin – similar to what other cloud mining scams offer – as well as a daily gift of five DOGE. Neither of these rewards are even remotely enticing, and definitely not a way to establish a legitimate relationship with potential investors.

On top of that, Crypto-Mine runs an affiliate program, paying out 15% for every referral investors bring on board. Fifteen percent is a rather high amount to pay out to investors, as affiliates would earn 0.15 BTC from every Bitcoin invested by their referrals.

Last but not last, there is no company information to be found on the website whatsoever. The WHOIS records are not that helpful either, as all of the information is protected by PrivacyProtect. No company information combined with no proof of mining and the lack of transparency make Crypto-Mine a company to avoid at all costs.


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