Crypto-Games: Simple, Fun And Supporting Multiple Digital Currencies

Gambling with digital currency should first and foremost be fun. And which games are more fun than the more traditional ones such as Dice and Slots? Crypto-Games is a digital currency gambling websites with exactly these two games, and they accept a variety of different coins besides Bitcoin. Let’s see what they have in store for us.

Crypto-Games: No Registration, Just fun

A lot of people are attracted to digital currency-related gambling websites because it offers a form of anonymity. Instead of having to enter your financial details – including your real name and home address – sites such as Crypto-Games let anyone play without disclosing any personal information. Plus, you won’t even have to create an account to start playing.

Every user who visits the Crypto-Games website is assigned a unique ID, which is being tracked through browser cookies. However, these cookies only remain valid for 14 days, after which the user will have to learn his/her ID by heart. Otherwise, all funds associated with that user ID will be lost and cannot be retrieved.

In order to cater to as many online gamblers as possible, the Crypto-Games website has to be made compatible with all major browsers. Assuming you have a somewhat recent version – Chrome 31 or better, Internet Explorer 9 or better, Firefox 33 or better, Opera 26 or better, Safari 17 or better and an Android Browser 4.4 or better – you will have no issues accessing the website and its games.

Deposits of supported currencies require one network confirmation before you can start playing. In the case of most coins, this should take a few seconds, but Bitcoin and Llitecoin deposits can take slightly longer. Do keep in mind that depositing funds from an exchange wallet will take even longer, up to several hours if you are unlucky.

Two Low House Edges

Keeping the games fair on a gambling website is standard practice, yet not all sites have a fair house edge. Crypto_Games has two separate house edges, one for their Dice game [1%], and one for their Slots game [1.241%]. All outcomes on the Crypto-Games website can be verified by the user themselves as they are all provably fair.

Referral Program

Crypto-Games wouldn’t be a respectable online gambling website if they didn’t offer a referral program. Users can earn some additional funds by referring their friends to the platform, and earn 25% of the house edge on every bet made. It is important to note that you will earn this funds regardless of whether the person you referred wins or loses.

Different Coins, Different Credits

As I mentioned before, Crypto-Games supports multiple digital currencies. Whether you want to play with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DarkGold or FriendshipCoin, Crypto-Games will gladly be of service to you. But you also have to keep in mind that every coin rewards you with a different amount of credits to play with.

A full list of credits per coin can be found here.


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