Cryptagio Exchange is launched. Cashback Program for All Users is Coming Soon

Finding the right exchange of cryptocurrencies can be a bit difficult given the wide range of options available on the market, along with the differences in functions and policies. In April 2018, the global exchange – Cryptagio began to operate, which will allow you to trade unique tokens quickly and conveniently and receive cashback in CPG token. Cashback option will be available very soon.

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Cryptagio’s goals consist in providing a simple, quick and secure method of purchasing and selling digital assets.

At this moment in time, some of its main benefits include, but are not limited to: near-zero fees, for a more cost-efficient method of trading; a fully-functional API; multi-channel 24/7  professional customer support; a customizable interface, fit for all needs; support of key assets; multi-factor security and more. The platform has been built with adaptability in mind, therefore it grants customers access to a feature-rich design architecture, an insanely fast trading mechanism, and scalability implementations, meant to ensure that there is no wait on orders.

Apart from these benefits, Cryptagio’s magic lays in its ease of use. Signing up for the platform is bound to be quick, and user location is not important. In other words, the exchange is open to people throughout the globe.


In terms of security, the platform invests time into making sure that user funds and other personal information are kept safe. With a quick two-factor authentication mechanism, and login alerts, security is also enhanced on the users’ side.

Trading Pairs

While Cryptagio allows for the purchase and sell of the most popular digital assets and trade to USDT, BTC, ETH, the exchange is keen on providing new perspective tokens regularly. For instance, since the 21st of May, two tokens with big growth potential have been added, these being eosDAC and Holo. The management team is actively involved in adding new, unique tokens and growing the trading pair list.

CPG token

Cryptagio is partly-based on the CPG token, which is meant to fuel the growth of the platform. Therefore, customers can earn CPG tokens by trading, which can then be used to pay transaction fees, which are 50% lower for token users. In the future, Cryptagio will enable trading CPG on other exchanges.

Join now Cryptagio to trade quickly and easily as well as receive cashback in the future.