Craig Wright Will Move Satoshi’s Bitcoins “Soon”

The recent outing of Craig Wright as being Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto has been a source of considerable controversy among Bitcoin community members over the past 24 hours. With less than conclusive evidence, there is a growing demand for more verification. By the look of things, Wright will provide exactly that, or so he claims, at least.

Wright Will Move Satoshi’s Bitcoins

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With all of the allegations and questions surrounding his so-called message verification signature, the outing of Craig Wright as being Satoshi Nakamoto has been more dramatic than conclusive. Very few Bitcoin enthusiasts believe he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, and most of his evidence has been debunked so far.

One easy way to verify whether or not Wright is Nakamoto is by moving some coins associated the Genesis Block. In the early days of Bitcoin, only Satoshi Nakamoto mined some coins, before being joined by Hal Finney at a later date. If Wright can move some of the coins belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto, the discussion will become entirely different.

By the look of things, that is exactly what Wright is set out to do, as he announced he will move a coin from an “early block” in the next few days. Such a vague statement is plenty of cause for future discussion, as an “early block” could mean a lot of things, and may not provide the conclusive evidence Wright needs to climb out of his pole he dug for himself.

Other people validating the previous Wright claims as legitimately being Satoshi Nakamoto have backfired as well. Not only did most of the mainstream media outlets face a ton of backlash from the Bitcoin community, but both Gavin Andresen – who has his commit access revoked – and Jon Matonis have been targets of finger pointing in the past 24 hours.

For the time being, there is still no solid reason to believe Craig Wright in Satoshi Nakamoto. Until he manages to move coins from the address belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto, there is no validity to any of the claims he made. The general public is very skeptical when it comes to these matters, and plenty of bright minds will point out any flaws in the information provided.

Source; BBC

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