Coronavirus Will Spark Bitcoin Price Rise, Tyler Winklevoss Claims

It is evident that recent decisions by central banks around the world – due to the coronavirus – will trigger major financial repercussions in the coming months. Tyler Winklevoss expects plenty of bullish Bitcoin momentum as a result.

The coronavirus crisis has triggered an influx of capital by central banks.

Tyler Winklevoss on the Coronavirus

All of these stimulus packages are designed to kickstart the economy once again.

So far, the markets haven’t responded positively to these packages, as stocks and oil prices remain incredibly volatile.

Even Bitcoin remains a very complex investment, despite overcoming the dip to $4,350 with relative ease.

All of that may come to change in the near future, however.

According to Tyler Winklevoss, the Fed has created the time for cryptocurrencies to shine.

A price rise for Bitcoin would be a welcome development, albeit it is never a guaranteed outcome.

Assuming this vision comes true, the coronavirus will have been a crucial catalyst in this regard.

At the same time, Tyler Winklevoss has hinted at how global surveillance will only spiral out of control even further.

Governments want tot rack the spreading of the virus, albeit these countermeasures may not be discontinued later on.

For privacy advocates, this approach is anything but good news.