Coronavirus May Have Been the Spark That Will Destabilize the Chinese Communist Party Forever

The 2019 Coronavirus outbreak has brought the world’s attention to China and it’s regime. The numerous videos circulating on social media about the oppressive nature of the Chinese Communist Party have many outraged at the way that citizens are treated. However, this tyrannical attitude has been around in China for years. The Xinjiang re-education camps have been around since 2017 and caused massive protests throughout the country. While the media was shedding light on such oppressive activities, the world didn’t seem to care. CCP was still in control in keeping the state “stable” by shutting down whistleblowers. However, the outbreak of the recent pandemic has put China under the microscope because it’s actions no longer only affect their citizens, but affect the whole world. China is no longer able to keep the truth hidden, which in turn will cause the CCP to fall.

We are living in a pivotal moment in history where the political pendulum in China is starting to swing from one extreme to the other. Today, bloomberg released an opinion piece titled: “Hong Kong Is Showing Symptoms of a Failed State.” In the article, the writer explicitly called out Chief Executive Carrie Lam as the reason for failing Hong Kong:

“It’s the mishandling of the situation by the administration of Chief Executive Carrie Lam, left with so little legitimacyand social capital that citizens simply no longer believe it will act in their interests.”

Hong Kong is extremely important to China, which has a one country two system governance. What this means is Hong Kong has special privileges and status internationally which allows it to negotiate trade and investments between other regions. While Hong Kong is only responsible for roughly 3% of the country’s economy, most of foreign investments in China is still funneled through the city. As such, if Hong Kong fails China’s economy will be heavily affected leading to destabilization of the state.

So how is Hong Kong doing right now?

Empty shelves and distraught citizens who have no trust left in the government would be an accurate description.

Coronavirus is both a blessing and a curse. While it’s an awful pandemic that will take millions of lives, it was the straw that broke the CCP’s back. China’s government can no longer hide the truth because the whole world put it in the spotlight. While the CCP can provide fake data to the media regarding Coronavirus deaths, they can’t hide satellite data which shows the spike in emissions as a result of burning corpses.

The emissions are a result of burning organic matter, using this data one can estimate the actual amount of bodies cremated as a result of the Coronavirus. An anonymous user on 4chan estimated that the real number is somewhere in the 14,000 range. While that is definitely not a credible source, it’s only a matter of time before a government agency will provide us with their analysis of the data. As awful as the Coronavirus is, it may cause the beginning of the end of oppression in China and it’s citizens can finally part ways with the CCP.