Coronavirus Outbreaks Turns New York City Into a Ghost Town

There are a lot of consequences to the novel coronavirus outbreak in New York. In fact, most people agree that the current state of New York City is rather ghost city-esque.

Walking around in New York City will feel akin to a ghost town these days.

New York City Isn’t Thriving, but That’s a Good Thing

The novel coronavirus outbreak continues to wreak havoc in the city, with roughly 2,000 confirmed cases to date.

As Americans now avoid going outside and mingling with crowds, New York City feels surprisingly empty.

More drastic measures, such as shelter in place, may come into play over the coming days and weeks.

Subway riders have dropped below 2 million per day, which is a near 66% decrease.

This is not a bad thing, as the subway workers are very happy to see people taking the advice by officials seriously.

Times Square, a notorious location in New York City, looks almost deserted.

The lit up billboards are still there, but vehicles and foot traffic are virtually non-existent.

Other entertainment spots in the region are either closed or see no foot traffic to speak of.

Given how the novel coronavirus peak may only occur in 45 days or later, this ghost city-esque feeling will only intensify.

It is becoming the new normal: staying at home, not going outside, and staying away from others.