Coronavirus Lockdown Sparks Interest in Bitcoin Courses

Bitcoin has always intrigued the masses, although that doesn’t automatically result in more BTC holders. One interesting development is how more people are trying to learn more about Bitcoin through online courses as of late. 

Finding out about cryptocurrencies tends to open people’s eyes.

Bitcoin Courses Become More Popular due to Coronavirus

The current global monetary system is broken beyond repair.

Solving this problem will not be easy, but there are different options to explore.

Following a Bitcoin course, for example, will often help enlighten people as to what is really going on in the world.

Especially during the coronavirus crisis, people are more eager to learn something new.

As such, one could state that the coronavirus crisis may be a catalyst for Bitcoin education, in a roundabout way.

Most platforms offering such courses note a healthy increase in the number of users.

This trend applies as much to Udemy as it does to Coursera, although their individual numbers will differ slightly.

It is only normal to see online courses go through a revival of sorts.

Why people are flocking to Bitcoin now all of a sudden, is a  difficult question to answer.

Many expected the coronavirus crisis to drive more people to buying Bitcoin.

So far, that hasn’t happened, but it is possible things will turn around for the better.