Coronavirus Fraud Pertaining to Bitcoin is on the Rise in the UK

No one will be surprised to learn how the number of cryptocurrency scams is still on the rise. Especially fake projects pertaining to the coronavirus are popping up globally. 

Every incident in the world will bring out criminals looking for a quick buck.

Coronavirus Scammers Want Your Bitcoin

The current coronavirus crisis is no exception by any means.

It would appear that ample criminals are looking for ways to make money during this incident.

Various counties in the UK have seen a major increase in cryptocurrency extortion scams.

That in itself is interesting, but it gets worse.

Most of these scams try to play on people’s fear of the novel coronavirus.

So far, criminals have shown a favoritism toward phishing attempts by impersonating WHO and CDC officials.

Every single time, the objective is to obtain a certain amount of Bitcoin.

In fact, in exchange for Bitcoin, victims can obtain names of people in their area testing positive for the coronavirus.

Why anyone would want that information, is a bit unclear.

Another example is how users receive malware by clicking on a link in these phishing emails.

During March of 2020, COVID-19 fraud has increased by 400%,, according tot he Manchester City Council.

Rest assured that this number will continue to rise as long as the novel coronavirus lasts.