Core Vs. Classic Discussion Grows Stale

Things have been relatively quiet on the Bitcoin Node front as of late, and the initial mind shift seems to have stalled. Although there is still a high number of Bitcoin Classic nodes on the network to this very date, very little has changed in the past week and a half. Bitcoin Classic Blocks mined on the network are stagnating as well.  At this rate, reaching a 75% networking hashpower threshold will be quite difficult.

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The Bitcoin Network Stalemate

TheMerkle_Stalemate Bitcoin

After the initial success Bitcoin Classic had managed to gather, things have stagnated in more recent times by the look of things. With no increase in the number of Bitcoin blocks mined, reaching a 75% miner consensus on the network seems to be an impossible achievement. Bitcoin Core remains in the lead by quite the margin, as over 93% of the entire hashrate is pointed at those particular mining pools.

What is of grave concern is how the number of Bitcoin Classic mining pools does not seem to be increasing either. KnCMiner, F2pool, and Slush pool are the only mining pools discovering Classic blocks on the network, and this has not changed for quite some time now. Rather worrying for Bitcoin Core supporters, as everything seems to be working for Bitcoin Core right now.

Although Bitcoin miners have the free choice of switching mining pools depending on which block size solution they prefer, very few seems to be actively doing so. Whether this is a sign of declining interest in Bitcoin Classic, or a lot of people looking at others to make the first move, remains to be seen. But if nothing changes sooner rather than later, it sounds like the Bitcoin Core implementation will “win” by default.

Additionally, talks have quieted down by quite a margin regarding the ongoing block size debate as of late. Community members exhibit a state of resignation, rather than excitement or active commitment to come to a solution. But this is also a positive thing, as it gives developers more time to hammer away at their preferred block size solution, rather than to deal with community questions and allegations.

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