ConnectJob Looks to Bring Blockchain Innovation to the $900 Billion Gig Industry

ConnectJob Announces Launch of Main Token Sale

ConnectJob, a blockchain-based platform for freelance workers, has announced the launch of its main token sale — going live on February, 12th 2018. This is following a two-month long presale that began in the beginning of December 2017 and ended on February 11th of this year.

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The startup has already raised over $7 million USD, surpassing the soft cap goal it set for itself at the onset of its fundraising efforts. The team hopes to continue its early success as it begins its journey to revolutionize the 900 billion dollar gig economy.

Piecework is more popular than ever, with the contractor job market exponentially growing in size ever since the advent of the internet. By leveraging the advantages of digital matchmaking, workers are now able to offer their respective skill sets to a much larger pool of potential employers.

This fact makes it easier than ever for freelancers to find work and for individuals and organizations who need certain errands or jobs performed to find skilled people to execute them. However, some problems have begun to emerge in the this new gig world — problems that are yet to be solved: insecure work hours and pay, untrustworthy reviews, identity theft, and high commission fees.

Improving the Gig Economy with Blockchain Innovation

ConnectJob wants to augment the current gig job market by eliminating these problems all together. Through the use of smart contracts, the platform hopes to eliminate problems that have to do with pay uncertainty  — allowing contractors to be paid automatically once they complete their designated task.

Thus, with ConnectJob, a freelance worker never has to worry about clients not paying them once a job’s complete. This is assuming they satisfy the conditions outlined by the client and agreed to by the workers themselves.

Given that ConnectJob is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, it is decentralized by nature and works on a peer-to-peer basis — removing any and all middlemen. The startup has developed a tamper-proof escrow system that removes centralization by avoiding single points of failure. 


Furthermore, the ConnectJob platform implements a reputation and identity system that attempts to reduce identity theft and disincentivize bad actors. It also helps prevent underperforming workers from getting more jobs in the future — creating a more efficient world by promoting a more effective workforce.

Using geolocation and smart contracts, the ConnectJob network allows users from anywhere in the world to engage professional and skilled jobbers in their local region or offer their services as one. Every engagement is backed by smart contract and each smart contract has been integrated with the local work insurance laws.

The ConnectJob CMO stated that:

“The insurance model will work according to local work insurance laws. For example in India we will work with a local blockchain-based insurance company that is endorsing the local regulation. In Dubai, same but with different laws. Every signed jobber will be covered by ConnectJob 100%, for all kind of purposes”

CJT, ConnectJob’s Native Token

ConnectJob’s native toke CJT is a dynamic utility token that will help meet the needs of users and create an effective incentive mechanism for decentralized piecework coordination.

Offering a 10% discount on all service engagement when paying with CJT, Access to VIP and Premium service, Priority access to highly-rated jobbers during peak time, priority access to specific/exclusive services with high liquidity and top referencing with a reward distribution for milestone achievements.

ConnectJobs main token generation event is live, offering 2400 CJT per ETH with a 12% bonus on every purchase with no minimum purchase. Users can contribute to the sales using Ethereum or in Fiat.