Connecting People Worldwide with Avatar-Based Platform that Makes Omnipresence a Reality

Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are struggling to provide unparalleled user experiences. Live streaming videos, VR games, and tele-tourism are gaining popularity, providing the average consumer with new ways of interaction and connection to the outside world. However, people don’t want to live in a virtual space; they want to enjoy real-life experiences and benefit from deeper connections to satisfy their needs.

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With the help of modern mobile technologies, telepresence platform Ubiatar has turned to Blockchain technology to develop UbiatarPlay, a new project that will take tele-tourism to the next level. The Ubiatar service already has the technology, software, and apps to help UbiatarPlay gain recognition. With over 1,000 active users, and currently available on the Android and iOS marketplace, Ubiatar puts ubiquity into the hands of the people.

Revolutionizing tele-tourism with the UbiatarPlay human app

UbiatarPlay will leverage the Ubiatar technology, including apps and software to become a human empowerment network for people around the world. The end goal is to go beyond social networking with Avatars and Usars who can connect live and settle on different types of services. For example, an unemployed person in Singapore can become an Avatar, connect with an Usar (someone in New York City) and schedule a live tour of Singapore’s hotspots.

In exchange, the Avatar receives financial compensation in UbiatarPlay tokens, whereas the Usar enjoys the unique user experience of visiting Singapore without being physically present. To ensure complete transactional transparency, UbiatarPlay will leverage smart contracts on Ethereum. All payments between users, regardless of their location, will be made in UbiatarPlay tokens. By cutting out the middleman, people won’t have to deal with high exchange fees or banks to receive compensation for a provided service. Furthermore, transactions are made instantly into a user’s Ubiatar wallet.

The UbiatarPlay technology

UbiatarPlay will use the powerful technology currently running on the Ubiatar service. The new project leverages the expertise of skilled developers and programmers to develop a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can reap the benefits of telepresence at the global scale through the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Simple, yet extremely powerful, rather than write or ask for something by voice, Usars will click on the icons to elicit a desired action from Avatars. There is no need to guide the Avatar because they can understand simple iconic commands. By bringing the “Macintosh GUI” into the telepresence field, the team at Ubiatar has perfected it over the years to provide seamless interaction with just a few clicks.

To make sure the ubiquitous experience Usars get from Avatars is the real deal, UbiatarPlay technology relies on bi-dimensional video streaming via an Avatar’s phone camera. To bring the experience to the next level, users can also attach VR systems to their phones to provide and enjoy 360-degree experiences and be able to truly feel that they are in a city or country located thousands of miles away from home without being physically present.

Blockchain technology comes into play to ensure all transactions on the UbiatarPlay platform are transparent, secure, and fast. Both Avatars and Usars will transact in UAC tokens, thus removing the need to handle high exchange fees when interacting with people located at the other end of the world.  

The UbiatarPlay is scheduled for May 9. With an existing MVP live and running, upon successful completion of the public token sale, the team will focus on developing its VR system and perfecting the UbiatarPlay platform.