Cointopia Aims to Become the AngelList for ICO Projects

The initial coin offering industry is still very popular as of right now. It is evident this business model has also created a few more problems in terms of regulations and lawsuits. Cointopia aims to become a new ICO-oriented platform which focuses on creating a stronger community for this sector. Moreover, Cointopia wants to become a comprehensive solution for token sales and post-ICO management. It’s a very interesting concept which could help legitimize the industry as a whole.

Cointopia Focuses on the ICO Industry

The main bread and butter of Cointopia is matching users with the best upcoming ICOs. Rather than presenting individuals with a long list of upcoming ICO projects, users will only see projects which match their preferences. Additionally, individuals will be able to form “syndicates” for group purchasing, and there’s an option to follow ICO influencers. The latter point is rather interesting, but it also bears some risk. After all, influencers won’t always make the best decisions that match your specific needs.

Unlike similar platforms, Cointopia is fully compliant with existing regulations and guidelines. It also assists projects well beyond the organization of their token sale with post-ICO management. So far, we have seen multiple projects struggle because their post-ICO management was rather terrible. There’s a lot of work to be done once money is raised, including issuing tokens, keeping investors informed, and ensuring that teams reach their predetermined milestones.

Other services which will be provided by Cointopia include scaling businesses, authoring white papers, marketing, and even legal services. It is evident this upcoming platform can bring a lot more legitimacy to the concept of initial coin offerings in the near future. Legal aid and white paper authoring will be of particular interest to a lot of companies out there. It’s better than hiring someone on Fiverr to take care of the job, as you often only get what you pay for and nothing more.

Cointopia’s team may not necessarily include any well-known names. However, its advisers include some household names including Jed McCaleb, Brock Pierce, and Jeremy Gardner. Michael Terpin is also involved – which is only normal these days – and Marco Santori also sees the merit of what this platform has to offer. On paper, it seems like Cointopia will check a lot of the right boxes for the ICO industry as a whole.

It is also worth mentioning that Cointopia is the brainchild of Charles Michael Yim. Some people may recall this name, as he was the first competitor on Shark Tank to have all five sharks invest in his company. With Yim now launching a sort of AngelList for initial coin offerings, it is evident this project is well worth paying attention to. This marketplace connecting entrepreneurs with the resources they need in order to be successful will be appreciated by a lot of people. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Cointopia.

Whether or not this platform will bring more legitimacy to the overall ICO industry remains to be seen. The SEC has certainly shown a keen interest in initial coin offerings, although its approach is still very strict when it comes to such projects. With more companies opting to take care of legal support, it seems only a matter of time until this industry will fully mature. With over US$4 billion raised by hundreds of projects before this platform came to be, things can only get better from here on out.