Coinsource Brings Seven New Bitcoin ATMs to Los Angeles

Coinsource owns one of the biggest Bitcoin ATM networks in the world, and they recently launched another seven devices in the Los Angeles area. Additionally, two new Bitcoin ATMs have made their way to Las Vegas as well. All in all, a good move for Coinsource, who now own 30 devices in the United States.

Coinsource Makes Major Bitcoin ATM Moves

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Running a Bitcoin ATM network is not an easy task, but Coinsource is making some significant moves to get their machines on the minds of as many people as possible. By adding seven new machines to the Los Angeles area, as well as two more in Las Vegas, the company brings their network to 30 devices in the United States alone.

It is interesting to note four of these machines have been installed in the city of Los Angeles itself, hitting areas such as Long Beach, Torrance, and Lynwood. This move makes LA one of the biggest cities for Coinsource Bitcoin ATMs in the US, as their primary market is the West Coast with 16 machines.

Coinsource CEO and co-founder Sheffield Clark told the media:

“Our entrance into the Los Angeles area is the most important yet for both the Coinsource brand and for bitcoin enthusiasts in Southern California. The roll out of seven new machines in one go was a significant logistical achievement, but we are proud to bring so many more options for both novices and veterans of bitcoin. With more and more use-cases for bitcoin every day, we foresee a future where digital currency is used as commonly as cash or credit cards.”

Keeping in mind how all of the devices are manufactured by Genesis Coin, this expansion by Coinsource is also great news for the manufacturer itself. Moreover, this allows Coinsource to keep the machines accessible for a lot of hours every day, and they offer some of the lowest fees in the industry as well, depending on transaction volume.

Expanding the reach in Las Vegas is significant as well, as Coinsource can now cover both the East and West side of the Strip. Given the nature of gambling in Las Vegas, plus the growing number of businesses and locations accepting Bitcoin already, it seems a good plan to focus on this area as well.

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