Coinsecure and BitPay Bolster Bitcoin Merchant Adoption In Southeast Asia

Bitcoin is becoming all the more appealing to consumer and enterprises in India. BitPay partnered with Coinsecure to bring Bitcoin payments to Indian merchants. Coinsecure also becomes the first platform to present Bitcoin payment processing to merchants across southern Asia and India.

BitPay And Coinsecure From Strategic Alliance

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Bitcoin enthusiasts in India will have heard the name Coinsecure before, as it is the region’s leading Bitcoin and blockchain company. Additionally, the enterprise also holds the record for VC investment secure, as they raised US$1,2M so far With their multiple services, ranging from block explorer to a wallet service and automated Bitcoin trading, Coinsecure is a company to keep an eye on.

The success of Bitcoin in India cannot be denied either. Consumers enjoy using cryptocurrency as a payment method, putting India in the top 20 Bitcoin countries in the world. Moreover, the region attributed to growing BitPay’s presence in Asia by 388%, which is quite an impressive feat.

Although Indian merchants were able to accept Bitcoin payments before this partnership, there was no option to be paid out in the rupee. Now that Coinsecure and BitPay have joined forces, merchants can convert Bitcoin transactions to their local currency if they prefer to do so. Holding funds in Bitcoin will also be an option.

Bitcoin is a great way for merchants to open up their business to customers all over the world. Particularly Asia is a huge market waiting to be tapped, as credit card access is not widespread in every area. Moreover, cryptocurrency payments cut out the risk of fraud and chargebacks, alleviating some of the stress for merchants.

This new partnership will help bolster the success of Bitcoin in India, as well as bring a new aspect to online and mobile commerce. Coinsecure will be a valuable partner for BitPay in this regard, as the conversion to rupee will help convince more merchants to give Bitcoin a try. In the end, everyone can benefit from this new partnership.

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