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Coinlancer – Changing The Freelancer World Forever

There have been many areas of the economy over the past fifty years that have come and gone. Often, the product or service being offered is lost because of technology, and sometimes the structure of the business sector lends itself to unfairness.

However, one sector that has not undergone a major upheaval is the freelancer world. Imbalanced fee practices, confusing and unfair settlement systems, and a complex system for growing a business have all opened a door among freelancers for a new platform that is more fair and transparent.  Enter the Blockchain technology of Coinlancer.

Fees galore

Freelancing can often feel like getting squeezed in a vice. To get jobs, freelancers are often willing to work for pennies on the dollar of what an in-house employee would be paid. And even as they work on those jobs, looming over them is the fee structure of their platform. Some platforms take as much as 20 percent, directly off the top, before the freelancer pays taxes, etc.

Coinlancer has created just such a system – transparency, openness about job pricing, and a simple and incredibly flat 3 percent fee. Because the company has utilized Blockchain technology to create the platform, decentralization has resulted in a system that can afford to reduce fees, and offer better service.

Been demoted lately?  

Fees aside, freelancers face painful constraints in how they obtain business on most platforms. Often platforms have special designations for freelancers that drive them to the top of searches. This is a huge benefit, but the way to get that standing is confusing and complex. Often users get demoted for no apparent reason, damaging their business and risking their livelihood.  

Coinlancer on the other hand, puts the power of rankings into the hands of the  freelancers to decide via the ‘Freelancer Tribunal.’ The tribunal is a decentralized (users are the members of the tribunal) governance panel for ruling on platform mistakes and concerns. On the Coinlancer platform, freelancers are free to make rules that are best for everyone.

The Freelancer Tribunal can also arbitrate disputes, hear evidence, and rule with authority within the platform. These rulings are then binding, though they are issued by peers, which is a huge benefit.

Stick it to the…coin

Most freelancers have faced the pain of getting ripped off by someone. They’ve agreed to do some work for a fixed rate, turned in the work, and suddenly discovered that the funds escrowed by the platform have suddenly vaporized, and there’s nothing to track it down. Its tough to get ripped off.

Coinlancer solves this issue with one simple financial maneuver, the Coinlancer token. Because all transactions must take place within the platform, the token can be used to receive or make payment and can also be exchanged on outside exchanges. Once tokens are escrowed, they cannot be moved, and the blockchain protects the escrowed funds in this way.

What’s more, as the platform grows, the value of the tokens will likewise grow in a commensurate way. This means that freelancers and employees holding tokens will suddenly have an investment as well as a business too.

Joining up

Coinlancer is poised to change the freelancing world forever by making a platform that is fair for employers and employees alike. The market is ready for a shift, and the Coinlancer model may be just the thing that the industry needs to come alive again.

The Coinlancer ICO is simple – just go to the site and follow the plan. The pre sale has already begun, October 4, and the token launch will start on October 14 and end November 15. The company has already received encouraging support, with a group of angel investors providing $5 mln in pre-ICO funding.

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