CoinIdol Blockchain News Outlet Introduces Expert Members Platform

International blockchain news channel has introduced a new platform called the Coinidol Expert Club, which aims to be a launching pad for upcoming names and known personalities in the blockchain industry.

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It aims to be an exclusive members club of sorts for the leading channel of fintech, blockchain and Bitcoin news. Coinidol is a digital magazine that delivers content to almost 250,000 monthly viewers and has built a reputation for quoting some of the most prominent industry players.

However, recognizing the need for less well-known personalities to also air their views, Coinidol has launched this new platform as an opportunity for them to be a quoted source, to build their reputations and take their place among the recognized elite.

A competition of minds

Achieving membership of this elite club does not guarantee that every idea or quote will gain publication, as Coinidol will still have editorial management that will check and approve what it considers to be the best.

It will apply principles based on a code of ethics, which all members must adhere to. Coinidol will prohibit the use of promotional language in quotes and reserves the rights to revoke membership privileges of members found to have violated the rules of conduct.

Coinidol CEO George Gor underlined the company’s prioritization of values and reputation over profit, promising to refuse any publications inside editorial articles that contain advertising:

“We keep our ethics. That’s why we do not change anything in our official editorial policy… If you want to publish any advertising, the only way to do that is to order an official sponsored article, marked with the disclaimer “paid advertising”.”

Members of the expert club who would like for their quote to be approved and published by the Coinidol editors must sign their quotes, along with personal names, photographs, brand names, logos, brand website URL, and a presentation of expert competencies with validation and evidence.

Privileges, not rights

While members are required to make a one-time payment to enjoy the expert club privileges, Coinidol reiterates that experts will not be accepted into the club merely on the basis of owning money. Editorial teams will require direct conversations and chats with potential members to combat scams and maintain a high quality of quotes to be used.

Once officially accepted into the club, new experts will have the opportunity to display their competencies and can have the possibility to feature their quotes on up to ten articles each month. These have the potential to be displayed to almost 250,00 viewers every month, coming from over 170 countries across the globes.

The best quotes will also be quoted by authors of Coinidol editorial pieces.

This exclusive membership can be purchased directly from any Bitcoin PR Buzz Account Manager, or by emailing [email protected].

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