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Buying Bitcoin in a convenient manner is still very difficult for a lot of users, even though more and more exchange platforms are starting to accept credit card payments to alleviate some of this stress. Over in France, La Maison du Bitcoin has been making quite the name for itself by selling Bitcoin over the counter. Coinhouse has implemented that offering into their online platform, allowing consumers to buy Bitcoin with a credit card.

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Coinhouse Makes Buying Bitcoin / Ethereum Easier For Europeans

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Not every exchange platform has to be overly complicated, and Coinhouse wants to provide a smooth user experience first and foremost. Registering an account, as well as validating it, should not take all that long. Users can verify their identity by taking a selfie with their ID, a scan of the ID itself, and a copy of a recent utility bill.

It is important to notice Coinhouse is not providing Bitcoin liquidity themselves, as they are linked to the Kraken exchange for buying and selling and Bitcoin. However, there is a fee charged on top of the current price, which ranges between 6% and 10%, depending on how high the amount is.

Additionally, users will be limited to buying EUR 500 per day and EUR 2,000 per month on the basic level. As is the case with every other Bitcoin exchange in existence, these limits can be raised by providing additional account verification. Coinhouse accepts payments with Visa and Mastercard, as long as the card has 3D secure enabled.

What may be of particular interest to some users is how Conhouse also offers an affiliate program. Referring users to this exchange through a personal link will earn 20% commission on all referral commissions. These payouts will occur for the lifetime of the account of both affiliate and referral, and payments are processed every Monday.

It is nice to see the company address listed on the website, under the Terms & Conditions section. Coinhouse wants to be as transparent as possible, which will also help them attract more customers over time. Plus, the platform now offers an option to purchase Ethereum as well.


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