Bitcoin Investment Startup Keza Unveils iOS Beta App

Keza, a Bitcoin mobile application developer based in New York, has announced the release of its new iOS app. Keza’s app allows retail investors outside of the United States to gain exposure to a variety of stock market indices and bond markets without the need of a bank/brokerage account.

The new iOS app is currently in beta release and an Android version will be released at a later date. In a Q&A session on ProductHunt, Keza Co-founder Simon Burns, said that the distributed nature of Bitcoin will allow investors from all corners of the globe to invest with a few taps on their mobile device.

Burns said:

“Through bitcoin, as a universal currency, a user from Lagos, Istanbul or Toronto can deposit with Keza in the exact same way. We’re excited for Keza to be one of the many financial apps that can scale to more users than we’ve ever seen before thanks to the global nature of bitcoin.”

The Keza investment app currently has no minimum investment thresholds and investors have the option of choosing three different investment portfolios: Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive. Keza’s management fee is currently set at 1% AUM and is charged on a monthly basis.

The conservative portfolio focuses on the US and European financial markets, while the moderate and aggressive portfolios include exposure to the Australian, Japanese, British and German financial markets.

Burns believes that Keza will appeal to emerging market digital currency users who are interesting in diversifying their investments, “Our core user base is likely going to be users in emerging markets who don’t have access to high calibre investments and have moved into bitcoin for either usage for banking services (remittances, cross-border payments) or who see it as a store of value.” said Burns.

Users outside the US can request early access to the app by submitting their email on GetKeza.


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