Coinfire Site Down Due To Stolen Domain, PayCoin Supporters Suspected

Coinfire one of the leading Bitcoin news sites has apparently fallen prey to PayCoin hackers after its last article brought on one of the sites biggest DDOS attacks. Initially the PayCoin article provoked some backlash from PayCoin supporters and even Josh Garza.

Well, looks like the XPY supporters got what they wanted. They logged in to our domain registrar account and had our domain taken away from us.

We are working to resolve it but we aren’t sure we are going to get it back.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

As you can see from the original Reddit post, it is believed that PayCoin supporters were behind the recent Domain hijack and blog downtime. With the article calling out PayCoin as a scam being the source of trouble for the blog, many pointed fingers to retaliation efforts from the PayCoin supporters. Whilst many other blogs have also commented on the current PayCoin issue including BTCFeed itself, it seems CoinFire was one of the first sites to spread the news. This may have made the site a ideal target for hackers to send a message to the public who may be slandering the coin.


It has also come to our attention that the Twitter Page for Coinfire has also become comprimised. As seen by the final tweets made by the account including; “Take over the domain…. take over the twitter. Fuck you coin fire.”. The Coinfire network has been compromised and as seen below now that the hackers have gained control over the social branches held by the company more havok may be yet to come. Speculators have already begun spreading prophecies of further attacks on blogs and news sites that slack off the PayCoin. The Twitter page for Coinfire is currently down but a chached copy is available for viewing at The comment below was made on the original Reddit thread started to announce the downtime, it explored some of the possible meanings behind the final Tweets made by the hijacked account.

Twitter account is now gone – there were a bunch of tweets in there that had some details (naming people, etc.), then those got deleted before the account was closed. One of the last tweets pointed out that cf had a secure password, but that their registrar derped. Would figure, really. The best attack is still a social engineering one.

To conclude the Coinfire service has gone down but as hoped by the team the downtime should be temporary. Whilst PayCoin supporters may have resources to extend the downtime of the site and gold the domain indefinitely it is hoped the public and the Domain registrar will be able to intervene and reclaim the domain name back. BTCFeed aims to carry on its service to the community and the site is currently safe. As with any attack we at BTCFeed hope Coinfire can recover and carry on providing the essential services it has been providing.

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