Belarus To Host Country’s First Bitcoin and Blockchain Meetup

Everybody active in the world of Bitcoin and blockchain technology will know how Russia is not a big fan of these concepts by any means. But other countries in the region seem to have a more open mind towards virtual currencies in general. Belarus, for example, will host its very first Meetup on distributed ledgers and digital currency next week.

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Belarus Bitcoin And Blockchain Meetup

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It may come as a surprise to some people, but there has never been an official Meetup in Belarus about the topic of digital currency. Not that there is anything against bitcoin and the blockchain in this particular country, even though Russia is not too keen on these ideas by any means.

But all of that will be coming to change soon in Belarus, as the country’s very first digital currency Meetup will take place on April 21, 2016. Admission to this event is free of charge, and four speakers have been confirmed for this event so far. Mike Chobanian is an engaging speaker to keep an eye on, though, as he is the founder of Kuna Bitcoin Agency in Ukraine, as well as the Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine.

As one would come to expect from this Meetup, the plan is to get more people in Belarus excited about Bitcoin and the blockchain. So far, there has been no digital currency community in this country to speak, and most of the enthusiasm in this region has flown under the radar. That being said, the country is keen towards innovation in the financial sector, and digital currency will be intertwined with that vision.

It is interesting to note Belarus has a few Bitcoin users, but growth in the country is very slow. To make matters even worse, there are hardly any experts or developers active in this space, which can stifle innovation in the region. With this Meetup, things should start moving in the right direction over the next few months.

Having a chance to get together with like-minded people is always an exhilarating experience. Although the number of Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts in Belarus may appear relatively small, the situation could change dramatically at any given time. Events like these will bring people together, which is the primary objective of the virtual currency ecosystem.

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