Coinbase Wants to Speed up Blockchain Adoption Through Rosetta

Coinbase is best known for providing cryptocurrency exchange services to most countries in the world. It also seems that the company wants to push broader blockchain adoption to a whole new level.

For years now, integrating blockchain technology has proven to be a key challenge for developers and corporations.

Rosetta is Designed for Blockchain Integration

More often than not, it forces them to develop an in-house solution that might not meet the original expectations.

Coinbase acknowledges that something needs to be done to make integration with blockchain simpler and more reliable. 

Their solution comes in the form of Rosetta.

It is an open-source tool set designed to create a more open ecosystem.

It is a tool set initially used by Coinbase to integrate blockchain into its own platform with ease.

As the number of distributed ledgers continues to increase, it becomes more difficult to integrate any of them.

Especially developers working on new projects will, according to Coinbase, benefit a lot from using Rosetta.

Moreover, exchanges will benefit from this set as well by having a more convenient way to integrate more blockchains and their native assets.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to Rosetta.

Several teams are already doing so, including Handshake, Sia, and Ontology.